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Claire F., USA

..You were great. You have the knowledge of both archaeology and tourism that made this a very special trip..You were a really good tour guide and I really enjoyed the trip.

Jason I., Ireland

I have to say Danny , that whirlwind trip to Israel was one of the best holidays of my life. Much of that is due to you. The Israelis have worked miracles to carve a nation out of chaos and desert !!!–

Ellen B., USA

My husband, Mordecai, and I recall with great pleasure the tour of the Stations of the Cross, which you led for a group of medical scientists. That was arranged by David Lichstein (spelling?), I think. We were the only Jews on the tour and on the subsequent trip to the south and Petra. Your tour and the trip were both very memorable. Ellen

Jonathan P., CEO Antenna Media

Thank you for a remarkable day You are a brilliant man

Elizabeth A., USA

Hi Danny! Thanks so much for the email! I simply can’t say enough of how truly SPECIAL our time was touring with you!! After 19 years of being away, our hearts are still here in Israel as David shared with you in the car. Having a tour guide like you that is not only extremely knowledgeable but also has such a passion for Israel was just wonderful. Our children were deeply affected by it all!!! And closing out with Yad Vashem was also very moving for all of us. And what can we say about that amazing restaurant you took

Jeff B., USA

Hi Danny, I sent your package today.. We really enjoyed your knowledge and your company. Let’s stay in touch and to you and your family הרבה ימים מאושרים לבוא. All the best, Jeff

Judge Greg T., Australia

We have just had 10 wonderful days with Danny. His extensive qualifications and experience as an archaeologist give him a depth of knowledge beyond any tour guide. Added to that, his guides are provided with warmth and humour, but always with a genuine respect for the historical and religious significance of the sites. Danny provides the background as well as the specifics for each point of interest..

Jane T., Australia

We had a lovely tour with Danny who is knowledgeable, humorous and flexible. He makes biblical history fascinating and the tour is very comfortable despite occasional heat and crowds. My only complaint is it went far too quickly! I would book Danny again if I’m lucky enough to return . Jane Tovey Ps he has great restaurant suggestions too

Lietzke D., USA

Hi Danny.. All of us really enjoyed the tour and appreciate what a great guide you were.  Prior to the tour we were supporters of Israel. Since the tour our support has increased and we are better at explaining the challenges Israel faces. Additionally, we tell everyone we talk with they should tour Israel with you as the guide.  Again, thank you for providing us a great tour..

Will C, USA

Danny I have watched every video I could find on You Tube of you teaching about sites your are a great speaker and the best of all the videos I have seen on Israel. You have a way of talking that captivates your audience. And I have learned a lot from you already!.

Einav, R., Amazon

Hi Danny, I want to thank you again for such an amazing day! The group absolutely loved your guidance. Even our most senior participant was very impressed by your immense knowledge and attention to detail. So thank you again!! .. and be sure that I will forward many people to you! Thanks again, Einav

Dianne H, UK

Dear Danny – just a quick message to thank you so much for organising Noam to take me round yesterday. I had such a wonderful time – Noam was absolutely brilliant and I’ve learnt so much. We managed 7 hours in the heat but it was so worth it. I’ve told Noam that I’ve got to come back and will do another tour. Thank you again. Best wishes Dianne

Carolyn H., New Zealand

Hi Danny, Thank you so much for your time today, we loved every second! Also thanks too for extra effort to find my uncle. Kind regards Carolyn

Ann D., New Zealand

Thanks very much for a really special day. I loved being able to go to the special places for Christians.. an everlasting experience for me. .. And thanks for organising the other days for us and for your professionalism and deep knowledge and dedication to your profession. Ann

Jen F., Samsung NEXT

Danny thank you again, that was a magical day. Everyone had a terrifc visit, I will highly recommend to anyone coming to use you! All the best, Jen

Allison W,. USA

Thank you for an amazing couple of days, we could not have seen half of what we wanted without you. Everything was perfect!.. All of us would be happy to recommend you all highly !

Randy B. USA

Avi..  Thank you so much for arranging our tours with Danny! Danny is an outstanding guide! It is an experience I will never forget. I have learned so much about your beautiful country the past few days..

Ken C., USA

My brother in law found Danny the Digger through a friend of his. Of the two guides I experienced on my trip to Israel, Danny was not only the best, but the only one of value. Danny’s scientific approach to explaining the sites, religious and secular, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I think everybody on our family vacation related well to his explanations of what is traditional versus what is factual or at latest likely. With his background in archaeology, he’s a fantastic wealth of knowledge. I would readily recommend him to anybody looking for a more science

Joseph K., USA

Danny was fabulous! My family and I toured with him for four days throughout Israel. His English is flawless, and his historical and archaeological knowledge is unparalleled. We used several guides during our time in Israel. Danny was by far the best.

Kipp Adler, Director, TBN

I’d like to give my recommendation to work with Danny “the Digger” Herman. He has a vast knowledge of Israeli archaeology and history, as well as a firm grasp of the things that are important to both Christians and Jews. In addition, Danny presents himself on camera not only as a knowledgable expert, but an engaging and likeable character with a personality all his own.

Hershel Shanks, Editor Emeritus, BAR

Danny is terrific. He is equally qualified introducing the first timers to the most popular sites in Israel and, on the other hand, instructing the experts regarding the obscure and little known sites few are aware of. Hershel Shanks, Editor Emeritus,  Biblical Archaeology Review

Chris R., Motorola V.P., USA

“A great day with a knowledgeable archaeologist, I gained new insights on the history and politics of the great city of Jerusalem. I recommend Danny as a great investment in ensuring getting the most out of a visit”

Yoon H., SVP Samsung

Hi Danny, Thank you for your guide today around Jerusalem. It was very enlightening and made me ponder upon religion and ways of life in the past, present and future. Hope I get to come here more to understand further with your guidance..

Julie S, Canada

Thank you for the great pictures. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and listening to your extensive knowledge of history and present day in Israel. We will be forever changed by our trip. Warm regards, Julie

Heather B., U.K.

Just a note to thank you Danny for the MOST enjoyable time spent with you over such important days for you all. Nics, Henry , Piers & I feel that we have learnt a little about your marvellous country & all it’s trials & tribulations. It was a dream come true for me to visit the Holy Land. My mother was a nurse during the second world war & was based in Palestine with the RAF, & thoroughly enjoyed her time in your part  of the world.. All in all we will never forget a memorable few days. Our thanks

Dr. Adrian G., Malta

Dear Danny, Just a few words to thank you for all your efforts in making our guided tour of Jerusalem .. such a memorable one. It was a pleasure to have met you, while the tour and the insights gleaned from it made for a very pleasurable day, one we will surely remember for the rest of our lives.

Bob E., USA

Hi Danny. I love your posts.  We travelled with you a couple of years ago with a BAS tour of the Holy Land.  We still remember how wonderful your leadership of the tour was and hope to return again some day and perhaps have you show us some more of the sites in Israel. Shalom, Bob Eddy  

Jorge, O. USA was a fabulous day. Thanks a lot!! We were all impressed by your knowledge, professionalism, and skill.

Bob S., USA

.. You made our trip so much better by bringing us to sites and persons not on a traditional radar.. wow! What a thrill for those encounters and for your solid guiding throughout the two days..

Vicki G., USA

Hi Danny, Hope all is well.  I just wanted to thank you again for making our trip so memorable.  Thinking back over our eleven days, I realize again how much we learned about Israel’s history, politics and culture because of you and just can’t thank you enough.  Plus, you’re a super fun guy, which is a true bonus.  🙂 Thanks for sharing your incredible knowledge of Israel, for your flexibility and planning, for the shared pictures, and for just being a great person to spend time with.  We hope to tour again with you some day soon. Cheers, Vicki

Paul F., USA

Thanks again for the great day out with my family.  I know that you love your work and that it was just one more great day on the road with new friends.   You are a blessed man, congratulations. Take Care, Paul

Brenda I., USA

Hi Danny,   I want to apologize for not writing sooner as you certainly deserve an excellent review of the tour you provided us.. My father in law Doug has recently passed away and I must pass on what our time with you meant to us and especially to Doug.   Without exception, each time we saw each other since October, Doug would talk about our time together stating that it was the best holiday in his life and exceeded all expectations!! Your patience, your knowledge and personality created memories for us that are so precious. Once again, thank you

Yang P., Holland and China

“The most unique travel experience so far?! Yes, thanks to Danny!”

Chris and Rose K., USA

Danny, Rose and I had a wonderful time during our visit to Israel. With you as our guide, the history of our biblical origins indeed came to life. We learned so much from your knowledge, much too much to remember. But fortunately, we were able to capture so much of the lesson on video. Your humor and natural delivery made the experience both educational and entertaining.

Paul H., Ambassador of Canada

Danny — you gave our IDC group one of the best presentations yet!!  thank you very much…

Mark G., Endochoice

.. thank you for such a wonderful experience.  You truly did an outstanding job! Kind Regards,

Ed M., USA

Hi Danny. Thank you for the outstanding tour of Jerusalem.  It is hard to imagine how we saw so much in one day, but the orientation and information, as well as your delivery, was spectacular.. Edward S. Mocarski, Jr. Emory University School of Medicine Atlanta, GA

Prof. Marc L., Canada

Hi Danny.. We were very pleased to meet you and the tours we had were one of the best ever.  As I have told our friends and family, I experienced and learned more than I could have hoped.  We look forward to seeing you next time we are in Israel.. Best wishes, Marc

Ehima S., India

Danny … from all the tour guides I meet in Israel, you were absolutely the best. My family came to my graduation last year and we had the opportunity to travel a little bit in Israel. Honestly you have a gift, for me you are the best tour guide in Israel. I wish you the best in everything that you do, Ehima

Melanie B., USA

We had only a couple of days to tour israel and wanted to see as much as possible. What was our solution?? Danny the Digger! He exceeded our expectations in every way. We learned so much history including the archeological record, gained enormous perspective, and saw more than most israeli residents have in the last five years. Danny is amazing and doesn’t disappoint. His company and demeanor is welcoming and warm. He will make you feel like a lifelong friend. We will definitely call him the next time we are in Israel and you should too.

Eduardo C., Motorola V.P., USA

Danny.. I really enjoyed the visit and the insights you provided. Regards, Eduardo.

Jeff R. , USA

Danny, I want to thank you for a truly wonderful and educational tour. The kids thought you were amazing, and Marc was really impressed. Stay in touch. Already looking forward to touring with you next year. All the best, Jeff & Miriam

Cliff K., USA

Thank you Danny, Not only are you a great maggid of the history of the Jewish people and their home land but you are an awesome photographer. I know that the trip is not over but it has already exceeded our expectations. See you Sunday thanks for everything

Chloe M., UK

Hi Danny, Thank you for such an amazing day. We had a great time and no doubt you are the best guide in Jerusalem! We hope to see you soon.

Teri D., USA

I just returned from my first trip to Israel, where because of business, I had only one day to spend in Jerusalem. On the recommendation of a colleague and friend, I got in touch with Danny via email, setting up a day with him in Jerusalem. My experience with Danny exceeded all my expectations and provided me with a complex, informed perspective on what at the very least is a complex place. As a woman traveling solo without her husband, I felt completely comfortable with Danny, and it was clear that he was looking out for my welfare in addition

Teri Dobbs, USA

Thanks for a FABULOUS tour, Danny. I made it back to tel aviv and hotel, now starting to get ready for the return… Will make that trip advisor review soon–just wait! All my best, Teri

Hershel S., BAR editor, USA

Dear Danny, Thanks very much for a wonderful trip to Beth Shearim and Sepphoris AND Migdal ..I much appreciate it. ..With warm good wishes. Hershel    

Jerry D, USA

This man is not a tour guide – this man is an archaeologist who happens to give tours. Unbelievably deep and wide knowledge of the history of religion and Israel. Great service, tailors a tour to fit your available time. Very friendly and engaging, just a delight to be around. We had a very well-paced tour of Jerusalem, a nice lunch, and he really gave us historical insight that I doubt we would have gotten on another tour. I look forward to taking a tour with him again next time I am in Israel. Jerry D.

Lucy Y., Canada

Danny,A belated thank you for the wonderful tour of Jerusalem you gave Danny, Agatha and I, as well as our friends Joanna and Hywel last month..Please do let us know if you’d like our informal tour of london or Toronto at any time in the future!Best wishes,Lucy

Jennifer M., USA

Danny, It was so lovely to meet you. Your tour was the highlight of our trip and we are detailing that on trip advisor when we get home.. Thank you also for the book recommendations and I’m very much looking forward to reading them! Best, Jen

Dennis Buss, Texas Instruments cheif sceintist [Tripadvisor]

Our trip to the Holy Land in April-May 2014 was, indeed, memorable. We were EXTREAMLY fortunate to get Danny Herman as our PERSONAL guide. Danny Herman’s expertise contributed IMMENSELY to making this a SPECIAL, TRIP-OF-A LIFETIME. We spent 5 days with Danny in Galilee, Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Danny is a professional archaeologist. He has participated recently on archaeological projects, and he knows personally many of the archaeologists who are making history today. He was able to provide us with an “insider’s view” of Holy Land archaeology…

Ted K., USA

Danny, I cannot thank you enough for all the kindness you showed Anna and myself. You really outdid yourself and accommodated us with tremendous grace and poise. Our time at Cana will forever be remembered, as will the words balagan, the German who told us to exercise and you in your white slippers! Look forward to seeing you in July. Ted and Anna

Tracey Z., Andromeda Bio, USA

Hi Danny, .. I heard that the tour was phenomenal.  Best regards, Tracey  

Bob and Judy E., California

.. my wife Judy and I were part of the BAS “Exclusive Israel” tour last October. We have to say without reservation that it was the most informative, interesting, and fulfilling tour we have ever been on. Your leadership, experience, contacts, and expertise made the trip exceptionally worthwhile for us. We saw and learned so much during our two weeks together. It will long remain our “trip of a lifetime.” Even though it’s been a couple of months since the trip, we still wanted to personally thank you and also to give you some comments we had regarding the trip..

Jacqueline G., CECAM Israel

Dear Danny, On behalf of Oded and Eran, I want to send you a belated thanks for having guided our CECAM workshop participants during their day to Jerusalem. Your guiding was very professional and informational.  Your way of explaining with the relevant jokes made the tour extremely interesting.  I am sure that our non-Jewish guests were very impressed with the tour and their encounter with bustling Jerusalem and the holy sites for various religions. We will definitely be in touch with you for future tours.  We will have 2 workshops in October, so that’s still a long time away. Oded

Prof. Yehudah N., Hebrew U., Israel

Danny, the parts of your talk that I heard were fascinating and I am sure that the participants enjoyed and gained much from it. Kol Hakavod on putting together a wonderful presentation at the last-minute. Thank you for saving the day!  

Peter and Johanita E., New Zealand

Imah, Johanita and myself would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding hospitality and guidance that you gave us, we certainly feel a lot more knowledgeable about Israel and maybe a little overwhelmed by the situation there. .. Many thanks for a wonderfully memorable stay in Israel and hope to see you again soon. Kind regards……………Peter, Johanita and Marie

Vivienne and Ari (Andrew) W., Australia

Dear Danny, We want to thank you again for the wonderful experience you gave us on the tour. Neither of us expected the quality of what was on offer when we booked up…You are not only the best (by far) tour guide we’ve ever had, but you are also a fine and admirable person. It’s wonderful how your passion for archaeology and for Israel shines from you.  Your knowledge regarding all aspects of the tour is exemplary. Wishing you many more equally successful tours and archaeological achievements, Warm regards, Vivienne and Ari (Andrew) Weidler

Robert L., USA

Danny..the trip was fantastic.  You were unbelievable.  Your knowledge was only surpassed by your desire to tell us everything you know about a subject.  You are caring and listen to our concerns.  I don’t think we could have had a better overall trip from anyone else no matter what.  Thanks for a great experience.

G.H., Maus Frères SA, Switzerland

  Danny Herman goes beyond “guiding”. He is definitely NOT JUST ANY TOUR GUIDE. Danny plans, suggests alternatives, tailors tours, continually adjusting destinations according to his clients’ energies and interests… coming up with even more fascinating alternatives. He is ideal for VIP executive tours. We highly recommend Danny for visitors to Israel looking to know the country in-depth. He has done digs and can even take his clients to see actual digs. We booked a few days of private tours with Danny and he arranged another day with a colleague. Our visit was marked by Danny’s wit and spontaneity. We

C.P., Communications Director | HP Software

A few of my coworkers and I arranged a private VIP tour with Danny. He is an expert tour guide – incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of culture, region, history and archeology. His experience and insight combined with thoughtful personality made every part of the day long trip an experience we will never forget. From private tours of the Dead Sea Scrolls with each curaotr,  to meetings with key religious figures in the old city, and helicopter rides – everything was unbelievable! I highly recommend his services, especially if you’re looking for something incredibly special and/or need to impress VIPs.

Dalia Sherman, USA

Danny…my parents cannot stop talking about how you made this trip so amazing!! .. We just loved how you made everything so interesting and educational. Thank you again for everything!! If we ever get to come back, we would love to use you again. Feel free to use me as a reference….. Israel is lucky to have you. Best wishes! Dalia

Keri R., Summer Courses & Special Academic Programs, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nathalie Shalom, .. Danny has taught a number of courses for my Dept. in recent years, including “Uncovering Jerusalem: A Historical and Archaeological Survey,” as well as “Archaeology of the New Testament.” In addition, he guides our visitors from partnering institutions, as well as academic tours for a multitude of our special/faculty-led programs that attend throughout the academic calendar. Unanimously, the feedback I receive regarding Danny Herman’s performance is spectacular. Be it a full course, a guest lecture, a single academic tour, or a guided tour for visitors, Danny succeeds in delivering an outstanding, informative, multi-faceted experience to the participants.

Cory P., HP Software, USA

The tour was a great experience, and I appreciate your insight throughout the tour. It was an experience that will never be forgotten. Best, Cory

Officer Brian H., Boston PD., USA

Danny, I wanted to say thanks for the great experience and also tell you how much I enjoyed our discussions.. I truly enjoy Israel and it’s people.. You go down in my books as one of the great people I have had the pleasure to meet while in the country.. I would have not enjoyed that experience without your guidance. I will continue my campaign of teaching people what a great place Israel is and why they should go to visit.. I can’t say enough my friend. Thank you very much.. Your new friend, Officer Brian  Haggerty

James N., USA

..Danny the Digger on the other hand was simply outstanding.  The tour of Jerusalem was perfect – his knowledge was the best of any guide I have had.  The tour was customized to our specific requirements, and it was probably the best tour I’ve had since I have been coming to Israel.   James Nyfeler Director of Sales, Identity Protection and Verification RSA, The Security Division of EMC

Posy McMllen, USA

Danny,  What a wonderful two days we had with you in the Galilee!!  My 13 year old grandson now thinks he wants to be an archaeologist and my son-in-law now says he’s a “raging Zionist” Posy McMillen Fort worth, Texas

Beverly and Prof. David C., Canada

Dear Danny.. My wife, Beverly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Would repeat it instantly if that were possible. .. I remain very interested in your Nilometer theory. Best wishes, David David O. Cushman, Chair of the Department of Economics and Business McKee Professor of Economics and Business, Westminster College, PA, USA Visiting Professor of Business, Oxford Brookes University, UK Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Rev. Ian A., USA

Dear Anne Barasso, Sorry to take so long to reply.  Overwhelmed at the moment and I’m sure that happens sometimes at BAS.  I would like to give this the time it deserves but I better get this off while I can.  IT WAS GREAT!  Would I take the trip again?  Yes and I hope to travel with Danny Herman again. Three things made this trip special:  BAS, Danny Herman, and my fellow pilgrims.  BAS opened doors at many places.  The welcome we got was just remarkable.  Other readers of BAR were excited to see us and show us what they

David and Joan L., USA

Hi Danny, We are back in Chicago safe and sound and I can’t stop thinking about our trip. It was truly fabulous. I wanted to thank You once again for being such a wonderful guide and making our trip so meaningful. I now understand what they mean when they say the right guide can make the country come alive. I certainly experienced that. I have already told some friends about how terrific you were. .. Stay safe and be happy. Again, thanks for everything. Sincerely, David

Robin Grace W., USA

Danny, You did a marvelous job as our guide and we are all very appreciative of your efforts.  We truly enjoyed the tour of Israel..

Thierry D., AUDI Test Driver

“Danny is the perfect guide to visit Israel! His huge knowledge, flexibility and talent to entertain people are the best ingredients for a remarkable trip. He is a realy demanded guide that I was happy he could take some time for me. Danny is the best, believe me!”

Guy de L., Johnson&Johnson

I am regional finance controller for a large multinational company and visited our affiliate in Israel in December. After a full day of meetings, our finance director organized a short sightseeing tour to Jeruzalem in the evening. Danny turned out to be our guide. He took us from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in his very comfortable SUV. During that 1 hour drive he told us all about the history of Israel. It was then that I realized that Danny was not just a guide like any other guide. His knowledge was … well… beyond my imagination. And not only his

Leena and Alan D., UK

Danny, Thank you again for a wonderful, enlightening day yesterday.  Leena and I truly appreciated you guidance through the Old City and will cherish the experience forever.  I wish you all the best. Kind regards, ALAN    

Tihomir S., Serbia

I would like to thank you for the hospitality and friendship you showed to me and my associates during our stay in Israel. With my wishes for continued successful operation and good mutual cooperation, please receive my warmest greetings, together with an invitation to visit our company, Vojvodina and Serbia at your convenience. Sincerely yours, Dr. Tihomir Simic

Pam H., USA trip to the Holy Land will last my entire life. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and friendship will help define my experience. I really appreciated how you wove the history from the New Testament into our tours… It was an amazing experience to walk where He walked. To see His life thru archaeology, and thru the history of Israel. You taught me so much.  Please don’t think me presumptuous- I am very sincere.  It was a privilege to spend time with you. My prayers and best wishes are with you, for your business, and with Israel as a nation.   Shalom,

Bruce B., Service Manager, Motorola

Danny, It was great to meet you last week.  I truly enjoyed the tour of Jerusalem.  You need an excellent job of getting through 4000 years of history in two hours – with excellent detail. .. Thanks again. Bruce

Prof. Nisan L., Tel-Aviv University

Shalom Danny, I wanted to thank you again for the perfect tour of Jerusalem! The conference guests were extremely impressed with your knowledge and found it to be a very interesting experience. It was a great success! Toda Raba!   Nisan Langberg Associate Professor of Finance University of Houston Senior Lecturer of Finance Tel Aviv University  

Jennifer and Stuart Z., USA

Dear Danny,  I don’t even know where to begin, but as the jet lag and the natural high from being in Israel gradually wear off,  I wanted to thank you for making our first trip to Israel such a spectacular one. It was a hit with all ages. You were the perfect guide for connecting the dots between the religious and archaeological histories that make Israel such a unique and mystical place. You really made the Bible come to life for all of us. In our hearts and minds, Israel is no longer just a distant ancestral home, a dot on a map or

Sandy and Tom H., USA

Danny: Not sure if we have already emailed you to thank you for a wonderful two days in Israel.  We had a glorious, eye-opening time from Masada to the kibbutz to our full day in Jerusalem.  Your knowledgeable, incisive remarks and explanations made our time with you an experience to remember. Attached is a photo of you we thought you might like to have. Should any of our friends, children, grandchildren ever travel to Israel, we will certainly have them contact you to guide them through their visit. Thanks very much again for everything. Sandy and Tom Hess

Mieke Van der V., Holland

Hey Danny! I would like to thank you once again for the really good time we had in Israel thanks to you. Made some pretty nice photos. The whole experience with everything you told us about the history and present of your country had a amazing impact on me, it made me see things in a different light, thank you for that. We hope to see you again to travel to the north as you suggested. So cu later!

Dorit Sh., USA

Hi Danny, Thank you for the past 3 days. We have really enjoyed our time with you and know we are creating memories for our children.  Thanks for bringing the past to the present and discussing the future.  Looking forward to our time on Tuesday, Dorit. . Todah rabah!!! Thank you so much for teaching us about Israel and its history. I learned so much from your explanations. I never really knew anything about the christian religion until you explained it to me. Thanks. Sarah (age 11). . Todah for helping me with Israel.I really liked exploring around Israel with

Ari R., USA

Thank you for a great day and a great tour. You are an excellent guide, probably way over qualified and for our purpose, just terrific. Ferenc enjoyed you imensely as well.

Thomas R., USA

Hi Danny: I was with Mike Willis and Andy Alexander and we had the extreme pleasure of being guided through Hezekiah’s tunnel by you. Also, I got to visit Hebron when so many guides would not go there. Great memories of a great trip. Thanks for your good work.

Todd Bolen, USA

Israeli Guides: Danny the Digger I am often asked for a recommendation for an Israeli guide.  The inquirer is looking for something “more” than what they will get with the luck of the draw from the travel agency.  The internet makes it easier to get to know some guides before you commit to them, and I thought I might do a brief series this year on guides who are “a cut above.” Danny Herman is best known as “Danny the Digger.”  While he is a licensed tour guide, he is also a trained archaeologist, having received his MA in Archaeology

Pamela N., USA

Danny, I do not know how to begin to thank you.  Everyone — even the tired teenager Orly — agreed that our historical archaeological tour with you today was a major highlight of our trip.  You are an extraordinarily gifted teacher.  I must thank Noam for sending you our way.  We hope not only to tour with you in the future but also to recommend you to our friends. Please stay in touch.  If you visit Washington, DC, it would be my pleasure to host you at American University for a guest lecture; and to welcome you to our home.

Raphael S., Israel

Hey Danny, It gives us great pleasure to write to you this mail, following our yesterdays Jerusalem Tour, which was an absolute thorough enlightening, and very pleasant Experience. You have certainly “scored “ a total Victory with us and no doubt we shall “Meet Again “ Looking forward to our next excursion with you and wishing you the very best for the future. Happy Passover Holidays to you and your family.

Marcel K., American Express Platinum Service Israel

Hi Raphael. We are very happy to see that you had such a great experience, and that we have been able to find you a guide which “scored” a total Victory turning your tour into such a pleasant and interesting one. Feel free to contact us for any service you’ll shall need in the future, we’ll be glad to assist you anytime. Danny: Thank you for providing our client such a great service!

Elena P., Ukraine

Danny!!, more than 2 weeks passed after i came back from Israel,but i still under huge impression from your tour! Thank you so much for it!!! You’re the best tour guide ever!!!!You showed me places that no one would show and told me fact that i never heard before!Can’t wait till my next coming to listen to you again) And of course waiting for all of you in Ukraine! Elena Polupanova, Ukraine

Ray W., USA

Danny, Thank you very much for your guided tour and excellent archeological observations.. Your expertise and laid back manner really made for a wonderful evening. Sincerely, Ray Willis, Ph.D Vertebrate Biologist USAO

James D., Holland and UK

Hi Danny, We had a fantastic day with you –  thank you so much. Certainly be in touch if there are any production opportunities. Good luck with everything. Kind regards, Darrel James Chief Operating Officer, Off the Fence

Brice K., IMPH program, Cameroon

Hi Danny, I am one of the IMPH students (Hebrew University-Hadassah) you took on a tour to Masada today…It was awesome!!! We all were so satisfied with the things we saw and the words we heard from you that we do not want to see another guide ever! You are more than good Danny! You are in fact extremely talented  and cultured, and still manage to be very funny and one of the most polite Israelis I’ve met. Keep it on Danny, and help others live their dream of discovering The Holy Land!!!

Anat Kadan, United Israel Appeal of Canada, Missions, VIPs & Speakers Department Director

Hi Danny So we finally worked together and the feedback is outstanding.. TODA RABA!

Myrna and Martin O., Canada

“…  I really recommend him.  I notice that he actually trains other guides in his speciality.  He is absolutely fluent in English…  I found his references to the history of the land and its current polotics very astute and interesting.  He would be an ideal candidate for others, either individuals or groups who may want a really in-depth and unforgettable experience.”

Max and Gittel L., USA

Danny.. our most heartfelt thanks for making our trip to Israel such a fantastic experience.  As you know we have been there before, however, under your guidance we saw it in a new and more comprehensive way. Be well, be safe, be happy. Max and Gittel Lew.

Liz and Peter C., UK

Danny Home safe and sound but just another quick note to say thank you so much for giving us such a great tour.. Kind regards Peter Peter J Curtis Chief Executive Officer  

M.S., Capgemini, India

Thanks to Tali & Vika who accompanied us during all the sessions. Special thanks to Efrat for arranging all the logistics. Our private guided tour to Jerusalem in the night is unforgettable. Danny was awesome in explaining the significance. [M.S.]  Capgemini Talwade, Pune, India

Tom and Deborah A., USA

Danny, Thank you so much for a fantastic and interesting 2 days seeing some of the most incredible places in Israel and in history. Today at Herodium was unbelievable. We really appreciated your knowledge and insight. Tom and Deborah

Jay P., USA

Danny I was determined to explore some sites only with an archaeologist. After the first tour with you I knew you were knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to take the time necessary to get “real” information. The second time reinforced my impressions. Your knowledge of archaeology, history, geography and Biblical importance is remarkable!. Use me as a reference any time. Jay Palley.

Porat-Tavor A., Event producer, Israel

Hi Elizabeth, Shalom from Israel! I saw your post on the yahoo group. As an event producer I work a lot with a great tour guide, professional and a very nice person named Danny. his knowledge and attitude is something great! Visit his website ,use his services and believe me – you’ll love him. My previous clients called me and thanked for using him as their tour guide while they visited Israel. I wish you a great time in Israel. All the best, Adi Porat Tavor -Event Producer  

Jamie S., Israel

My family and I just went on a tiyul with Danny Herman, he is an excellent English speaking tour guide.  He is professional and knowledgeable and everyone was satisfied.  He is highly recommended. The following is his information, call soon he may get booked up. Have a great trip!! Jamie Steiner

Avinoam B.D., Israel

Dear Danny, On behalf of all our group, Meitar Tours, I would like to thank you for the wonderful tour on Saturday 21.11.09 to Masada. Your knowledge of our past history and your expertise in archeology helped us better understand one of the most inspiring and exciting, though tragic events, of Jewish heroism and history during the Roman occupation of the Holy Land. Your guidance, patience and easy going manner made this tour a wonderful experience. I hope that next year we can plan together another tour that will cover another era of the rich history of the Holy Land,

Don D., Israel

Shalom Danny, I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation last night on the History of Modi’in.  I have been to several presentations about Modi’in, but learned more from you presentation than all the others put together. Toda Raba, Don aka Dov aka Donald

Josh Walden, Intel VP., USA

“Thank you again Danny, for everything. Will definitely send more Intel people your way. See you soon, I hope!”  

John S., Wyeth C.E.O., USA

“The best guide I ever had!“  

Arthur Jane L., NYC, USA

Danny I just wanted to thank you for a great time we had with you.  I already recommended you to everyone I know. I hope you get some business out of it. Next time you are in NYC let us know. I will guide you through the City nightlife if you want 🙂

B.L., Galaxy Entertainment Group V.P., Hong Kong

Dear Danny, I had truly a great time; thanks to you… The day with you actually inspired me so much and it was definitely one of the best trips I had ever! I promise you I will be going back, for sure… .[B.L.] Vice President Public Relations Corporate Office Galaxy Entertainment Group

Mr. I.L., Managing Director of Citi Private Bank, USA

Thank you again for the fantastic day!

Hedy L., USA

20 April 2009 Subject: Danny Herman Archaeological Tours To Whom It May Concern: During a recent springtime visit to Israel, my traveling companions and I had the great fortune to discover “Danny the Digger’s” website and take full advantage of a few of his fantastic archaeological tours. On our first adventure, we enjoyed a full day trip through the Judean desert, up along the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, with stops in Tiberias and Tzfat (Safed). Danny is extremely knowledgeable about archaeology, biblical history (new and old Testament), socio-demographic issues and political affairs.  He provided fascinating commentary and

Tom F., Intel VP, USA

Danny, We are back in the US, safe and sound… We really enjoyed touring with you. Your knowledge of all aspects was truly impressive and made the tours extremely interesting… Tom Franz

Rabbi Michael Panitz, USA

  I am pleased to furnish this testimonial to Danny Herman’s abilities as a moreh derekh. .. Danny served as a private tour guide for a carload of my friends and family. From our base in Jerusalem, we went as far North as safety permitted, and Danny was able to suggest alternate routes, and to improvise parallel itineraries on short notice, so that we could take in a range of historical and contemporary-interest sites, as well as the archaeological and biblical points of interest. Ultimately, our day included outdoor touring, Carmel, lunch with local Druze citizens, Megiddo, the Jezreel Valley,

Dena P., Israel

I went to the Temple Mount dig/sift site today with Danny Herman ( and I want to recommend him as a tour guide.  His knowledge of the archeology and history was spot on, his English is fluent, and he’s just an all-around nice guy.  If you’re looking for someone to guide you through the various sites locally or nation-wide, call him! — Dena Page, M.Ed., CBA Certified Behaviour Analyst 054 812 5973 Certified Irlen Screener Certified Auditory Integration Therapy (DAA) Practitioner

Tom H., C.J.A. Chairman, Canada

Let me say to you and you may use this as a sincere testimonial: You Danny the Digger are an outstanding guide, educator, archeologist and political pundit providing exciting and most intelligent information to the visitor on events of the past, their impact on the Jewish world and our concerns with the future. I have been to Israel 100+ times but notwithstanding, one always learns particularly from people like you. Reiterated thanks Tom Hecht, Canada Former chairman of the Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA) and Former president of the United Israel appeal of Canada (UIA Federations Canada).

Prof. Jonathan G., Columbia U., USA

“My wife, Susan, and I had three wonderful days with Danny as our guide. This was our fourth trip to Israel within the past ten years. Seeing places like Tel Hazor and Tel Dan with an expert on archaeology explaining how we know what we know about these times long ago was a special treat”

Rob Forstot and Tammy Martin, US

Danny We just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful trip to Petra and through the Negev. We had a great time and really learned a lot. It sounds like we just missed some nasty flash floods in the area! We will definitely recommend your services to anyone we know who will be visiting Israel. Take care, Rob Forstot and Tammy Martin

Victoria I., IMPH Program, Russia

Dear Danny, I hope I will have the opportunity to see you at our graduation. If not, I would like to say, that it was a great pleasure, for me and Igor, to have you as a guide for this year. We are very grateful to you, for all the trips, funny days, for your smile and jokes, and making the trips not only informative, but also enjoyable! I hope to see you again sometime in the future. I wish you all the best! Igor is joining me in the wishes 🙂 — Best regards, Victoria

John M., UK

  I learnt more about the Bible with Danny in a day than I have ever had attending Sunday school or church. The tour is just excellent!

Brit R., Royal bank of Canada

Danny I’d been looking forward to this trip for years; it wouldn’t have been nearly the highlight it was w/o you, your knowledge, insight and friendship.  I can’t thank you enough for that.. Brit.

Ofer A., InterCure, Israel

Hi Danny Thank you so much for the tour yesterday. Was simply superb! Yours Ofer Arad VP Products InterCure Ltd.

Sue D., Cook Associates INC., USA

Danny: I want to thank you for a wonderfully enjoyable and intellectually rich tour through ancient Jerusalem on Saturday.  It was truly one of the best tours I’ve experienced (and I’ve traveled all over the world). Your archeological and academic background and knowledge, cultural perspective and ability to weave history, personalities, fact and symbolism together into wonderful stories made it all come alive in a magical way. I look forward to visiting Israel again in the coming year and having you introduce me to other parts of your wonderful country.  I will certainly recommend you to colleagues and friends. Warm

Henry and Valerie Sherman, USA

From: Henry Sherman To: Danny Herman Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 10:10 PM Subject: Re: from Danny Herman Dear Danny:   Sorry to be so late in getting back to you.. Both Valerie and I were very happy to have become acquainted with you, however briefly, during our visit to Israel.  You were a very thoughtful, informative and engaging guide and I would like to think that our time together was just the first step in what may become a friendship… [from Henry and Valerie Sherman, FL. USA.]