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The Squadron

The Squadron Israel reception“The Squadron” is the only Center of its kind in the world for F-16 simulation. Inspired by the Israeli air force, “The Squadron” was created to let everyone be a pilot for one day, learn Israeli air force moves and experience the insightful experience of flying a fighter jet from former Israeli Army pilots.

f16 simulator israelThe simulators in The Squadron are the most advanced of their type in the world and bring you as close to a real life experience of the real thing as possible, 16 flight simulatorincluding interactions with the Ground Control and other wingmen, collecting real time data which will enable a full understanding of what happens and will give you a complete and full debriefing of the flight.

flight simulator israelStarting at $180 per peson for 1.5 hour session, which includes wearing flight suits; a short review about the challenges in the Middle East; a briefing for the flight; a flight in the F16 simulator; and a professional debriefing of the flight.



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