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The War With the Hamas – Hypocrisy vs Facts

Lets face it. The raging war between Israel and the Hamas is mostly over its consciousness in eyes of the World.

The western world builds its opinion upon its media.

Yet reporters broadcasting from Gaza are allowed to report only what Hamas lets them.

And the only subject, it seems, are injured and dead children.

This is horrible!.


Why doesn’t the Hamas clear them from battle fields? Why does he not let their parents clear them?

Becasue the more injured children on screen, the more empathy, you, the viewer, develop towards the Palestinian.

Yet by reacting with such empathy, and developing anger, you ignore the real cause for this – the Hamas! not Isreal!

Israel can also show bloody photos of the poor Daniel Tregerman, a 4 year old Iraeli who died from a mortar falling in his house.

But Israel appeals to your ration, not emotion.

The village where Daniel died is targeted by THOUSANDS mortars since 2000.

How come only one child died from it till now? because Israel cares for its chldren. It built sheltered rooms.

The Hamas is leading a war of cowards.

It’s leadership is either in a five star hotel in Qatar, or hiding in the hospitals of Gaza.

And it launches its rockets from schools, mosques, UN buildings, and hospitals.

It does so so Israel would hit these sites, and guess what – again dead and injured children could be filmed!

Every one knows these sites will be attacked, and Israel even sends warning before actually attacking!. Yet the media, and the world are still citical at Israel’s acts!.

If you too still blame Israel for the dead children in Gaza, you are a hypocrite.

And there is NO blockade on Gaza!

Even when the Hamas is rocketing Israel, HUNDREDS of truck are delivering all sorts of goods into Gaza.

The Gaza Flotilla was nothing but a scam of IHH.

Israel did not object to the supposed humanitarian aid the Marmara wanted to deliver.

Israel only insisted the contents will be screened before reaching Isreal.

Israel ended up catching the boat and screaning the goods, indeed all humanitarian aid. But now Hamas would not let it pass into Gaza!.

Hamas, again, demonstrated it couldn’t care less about its people.

Hamas in fact is a local version of DAESH, a fanatic and brutal Islamic sect raging over Syria and Iraq.

Is this what you support?

And does Israel deserve such criticism?

In 2005 Israel retreated from all of Gaza. Gaza could have become Hong-Kong, Abu Dabi, or Qattar.

Yet it’s people chose, in a democratic proccess, Hamas.

They chose a fanatic militant regime.

They chose a political power detemined to annailate Israel, or atleast terrorize its people’s life.

Many suicidale terrorist attacks in the 1990’s demonstrated well their intentions.

America ended up nuking such an enemy.

Israel settled with a blockade.

With Hamas in power, an open port/ airport in Gaza means “A duty free rockets” into Gaza, only to terrorize Israel even more.

Obviously Israel will no let this happen. It will insist on security Screening.

Hamas will object.

So the Hamas will not have a port. Period.