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The Western Wall

western wallThe Western Wall (called also “The Wailing Wall”) is a remnent of the retaining walls that supported the “Temple Mount” – the large plaza around the Jewish temple, until its destruction in 70 CE.

Being some of the original remains from the Temple’s period, the Western wall is holy site for Jews, and is visited by thousands on daily basis, especially on Shabbath and Jewish holidays.

The western wall is also a popular place for Bar-Mitzvah parties, Israeli Militaery ceremonies, and national events.

Visiting the Western Wall is quite a remarkable and emotional experience.

Near the Western Wall one can visit several attractions that relate to the site, such as the Western Wall tunnels  Virtual Tour of the Second Temple  Southern Wall Archaeological Park  , including the Davidson Center .

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Points of Interest in the Area

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 Southern Wall Archaeological Park Southern Wall Archaeological Park
 temple mount Temple Mount
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A Rare Video of the Western Wall plaza, July 1967!