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Modern Tiberias

tiberias panoramaTiberias was founded in 20 CE on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Ancient Tiberias  was an important regional and Jewish center, especially in Jewish history.

Modern Tiberias is built over its mediavel remains, and combines hotels, restaurants and pedestrian malls amidst synagogues and mosques from the Ottoman times, and tomb marks of various Rabbis, such as the Tomb mark of “Tomb of Rabbi Akiva“ , “Tomb of Rabbi Me’ir Ba’al Hanes” , “Tomb of the Matriarchs” Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai, and the Tomb of Maimonides .

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Tiberias is located on the western shores of the Sea of Galilee , and is about 2 hours drive from Tel-Aviv. Contact me for a proposal of full day tour that will also include a visit to Tiberias.

Points of Interest in the Area

Ancient Tiberias
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tomb of maimonides tiberiasTomb of Maimonides
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