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Tips for Touring Israel

Most Interesting day to tour the Old City of JERUSALEM is FRIDAY

via dolorosaOn that day you can see the Muslim go to Friday prayers at the Temple Mount ardoun noon; at 15:00 you can join the Franciscans leading the “Good Friday” procession along the Via Dolorosa “, and after dark you can watch the Jews rejoicing the arrival of Shabbath in prayers and dances at the Western wall  .

On the other hand it makes Friday especially crowded.. your choice..


Best day to tour NAZARETH is SUNDAY

The main hall in the "Syngogue church" in Nazareth.One Sunday there is far less traffic in the city, and yet most Christian pilgrimage attractions (Church of Annunciation S. Joseph Church  amd Mary’s Well ) are open.

On the other hand some local shops, including souvenir shops are closed.. your choice..


Best beach to swim at the dead sea is MINERAL BEACH

While there are several options for a swim at the Dead Sea, my favorite is MINERAL BEACH.

Has both the Dead Sea, the mud pools, and a sulphur pool. A true Multi-mineral spa treatment!


Many Christian sites CLOSED between 12:00 to 14:00

bethphageThat is true in Jerusalem for the site of Bethphage  ; ;Pools of Bethesda  ; the Garden Tomb ; and more.

It applies to many other churches in the Galilee. Some are also closed on Sunday.


Local electric standart is 230v/ 50 Hz

israel electricityIsrael electricity standart is 230V and 50 Hz. Electric plugs are round (like in Europe).

Make sure to bring an adapter for your electrical devices.

I can provide USB charger for iphone/androids in my car..