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Israeli Guides: Danny the Digger

I am often asked for a recommendation for an Israeli guide.  The inquirer is looking for something “more” than what they will get with the luck of the draw from the travel agency.  The internet makes it easier to get to know some guides before you commit to them, and I thought I might do a brief series this year on guides who are “a cut above.”

Danny Herman is best known as “Danny the Digger.”  While he is a licensed tour guide, he is also a trained archaeologist, having received his MA in Archaeology from the Hebrew University.  Danny knows the regular tourist sites, but he also loves to get off the trail in his four-wheel drive and visit places that buses cannot access.  Danny is the featured tour guide in a new series of videos featured at the Jerusalem Post, including an introduction, the discovery of “King David’s palace,” Jerusalem’s water systems, the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem, and the discovery of the earliest biblical texts.

Danny’s website has many helpful resources, including a list of Christian archaeology sites, his top 10 recommended experiences, and what he recommends that you not do.

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