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The Tomb Mark of Maimonides in Tiberias is one of the favored pilgrimage destinations of Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel. By local tradition, it is the burial site of Maimonides (הרמב”ם), as well as his father, his grandson, Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai, and other Jewish sages.

History of Maimonides and his Burial

tomb of maimonidesMaimonides (הרמב”ם, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon) was a Torah Scholar and a Jewish law expert, as well as a preeminent astronomer, philosopher, and physician. Living in Egypt in the 12th century, to this day, religious Jews revere his books, especially his 14-volume work on Jewish law (Mishne Torah). Quoting Jacob’s last words, “Do not bury me in Egypt” (Genesis 47:29), in his will, Maimonides asked to be buried in the Holy Land. By local tradition, a camel carried his remains to the land of Israel and stopped next to the tomb of Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai in Tiberias.

Touring the Tomb Mark of Maimonides

Located in the heart of Tiberias, the burial site is open to all and is visited by over half a million devout Jewish pilgrims annually. In 2018, the municipality renovated the site and made it accessible for people with disabilities.

A tour of the tomb of Maimonides can be combined with a guided day tour of Galilee.

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