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My Top 10 Favorite Israeli Food (Besides Hummus..)

Ten Israeli dishes besides hummus
o everyone knows that in Israel, hummus flows almost as freely as water… but there’s way more to Israeli food than that! Borrowing flavors from the cultures that live within the state, Israeli food has people all over the world reThinking what’s for dinner.

10. Hallah
Sweeter than your regular bread, challah comes in every form imaginable: braided, rolled, sliced, and as the best French toast you’ve ever had.

9. Hamin
There’s nothing dated about this traditional Jewish stew. Simmered overnight for 12 hours, the chicken, beef, potato, bean, vegetable, and barley stew serves as the ultimate comfort (or hangover) food.

8. Rogolach
Like a croissant’s baby brother, this finger dessert can be found next to almost any cup of coffee in Israel. And with all the filling options, it’s no surprise! Anyone up for some chocolate, raspberry, cinnamon, marzipan, walnut, raisin, or poppyseed rugelach?

7. Shawarma
Pocketed in a delicious pita and topped with tahini, shawarma is an Arabic style of cooking meat where lamb, chicken, turkey, or beef are skewered on a spit and slowly cooked on a rotating grill.

6. Burekas
Constructed of phyllo dough or puff pastry, Israeli bourekas are usually filled with savory cheese, mashed potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and sometimes even pizza filling (think of it as a gourmet Pizza Roll).

5. Ptitim
Known in the rest of the world as “Israeli kouskous”. Known in Israel as “ptitim,” this pearl-shaped pasta can be dressed up a thousand different ways. From vegetables to dried fruit and nuts, Israeli couscous can be served on its own or as an accompaniment to fish or meat.

4. Krembo
With a round biscuit base and a hard chocolate coating, the gooey marshmallow on the inside of a Krembo is a fun surprise for first-time indulgers. Sorry for the spoilers, but that picture is just too cute.

3. Bamba
Again – not really a dish. More of a snack, based on peanut butter. The ultimate Israeli childhood  snack..for many of us it is also the first word we say (even before “Ima”, mother..)

2. Falafel
Recently gaining global popularity, this deep-fried chickpea delicacy is as common in Israel as burgers are in America.

1. Shakshuka
Poached eggs in pepper and tomato sauce with fresh parsley usually served for breakfast or brunch.