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2008 Summer English Exam part B

                                                                              LICENSING EXAMINATION – TOUR GUIDE COURSE

Part B – Total of 70 Points

Time allotment for this section of the examination: two and a half hours.

Auxiliary aids permitted:

– A 1:250,000 scale touring map ofIsrael(maps with any additional information are not permitted).

Choose one of the following three groups and plan a tour for it.

Group No. 1

A group of bible devotees, aged 45-60, from the Jerusalem area, on a tour of northern Israel focusing on the Biblical Period (from the 12th century BCE to the 6th century BCE).

The tour leaves from the Afula Central Bus Station, on Tuesday at08:00, and ends at the Kiryat Shemona Central Bus Station, on Wednesday at19:00.

Please note:

  1. Four of the following regions must be included in the tour: Yizre’el Valley, Gilboa, Bet She’an Valley, KinnarotValley, eastern Lower Galilee, eastern Upper Galilee, Galileepanhandle (etsba haGalil). The tour should be limited to the designated area, see attached map.
  2. Elaborated points must be related to the route and the Biblical Period.

Group No. 2

A group of Americans belonging to various Christian denominations, aged 60-70, interested in the Holy Land, who disembarked from a cruise boat in Haifa on Tuesday, at 07:00 and will end their tour on Wednesday, at 19:00, at the Ashdod port.

Please note:

  1. The tour must include the following regions: the coastal plain down toAshdod(not includingHaifaandMt.Carmel), the Judean Lowlands, Jerusalem Hills andJerusalem. See attached map.
  2. TheJerusalemtour should be 6-8 hours long.
  3. Elaborated points must be related to the route and to the major theme (Christianity).

Group No. 3

A group of university students on a tour of theJudeanDesertand the Arava. The tour begins on Tuesday at08:00at the En Gedi Field Studies Center and ends on Wednesday at19:00at the Jordanian border (Rabin Border Terminal).

Please note:

  1. The tour will cover the following regions: the southernJudeanDesert, theAradValley, the Mamshit area, and the Arava to the Rabin Border Terminal (Arava border crossing). The program must include the southernJudeanDesertand the Arava. See attached map.
  2. Each day must include at least 2-3 continuous hours of walking in nature.
  3. Each day must also include an archaeological site/subject.
  4. Elaborated points must be related to the route you chose for the tour.