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2013 Summer Exam part B – with Suggested Solutions




Part B – Total of 70 Points

Time allotment for this section of the examination: three hours.

Choose one of the following three groups and plan a tour for it.

Group No. 1

A group of tourists from abroad arriving on a cruise liner for a two-day tour in Israel to visit sites important to Christians of all denominations. The tour departs the Haifa Port on Monday at 08:00 and returns there at 19:00. On Tuesday the tour leaves the Ashdod Port at 08:00 and returns at 19:00.

Please note:

  1. The first day of the tour must include Christian sites on Mt. Tabor and in the area of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Do not include Haifa, the Carmel or Akko.
  2. The second day will be dedicated exclusively to Jerusalem. Three quarters of the program for the day will be devoted to Christian sites in Jerusalem and one quarter to becoming acquainted with Israel and the State of Israel in the Modern Period and in the present.
  3. The elaborated point must be related to the theme of Christianity.



Day 1. Haifa port –> Church of Annunciation in Nazareth -> Saint Gabriel church -> Mount Tabor Catholic church; Mount Tabor Greek church (if open..) -> Lunch in Migdal -> Migdal syngagogue -> Tabgha -> Capernaum (both archaeological site and Greek-Orthodox church!) -> Cross the Jordan -> Mount of Beatitudes -> Haifa port.

Day 2. – Ashdod port -> Mount of Olives viewpoint – > walk down to Gethsemane -> Drive to Mount Zion -> Cenacle -> Tomb mark of King David -> along the Cardo -> Hurvah Synagogue -> Western Wall -> Via Dolorosa from 3rd station -> Queen Helen Coptic church at 9th station? -> Holy Sepulchre -> Saint James Cathedral OR “Christ Church”-> Visit of “Bell Bunker” at Ramat Rachel OR Yad Vashem OR “Scrolls of Fire” monument -> Ashdod Port.



Group No. 2

A group of students from abroad interested in a tour focusing on Herod and his building projects in the Land of Israel. The tour departs from a hotel in Tel Aviv on Monday at 8:00, and ends at a hotel in Jerusalem on Tuesday at 19:00.

Please note:

  1. The tour should include the coastal area, one-half day (no more, no less) in Jerusalem, a site in the desert ecotone (sfar hamidbar) and a site in the Judean Desert. The order of the visits is at your discretion.
  2. The program should not include Jericho and its surroundings.
  3. The elaborated point must be related to the tour theme, but should not be in Jerusalem.


Day 1. – Tel-Aviv -> Caesarea (Theatre; Palace+ hippodrome; port)-> Antipatris -> lunch boxes -> Samaria-sebasty (Baslica; theatre; Augusteum; Decumanos)-> Jericho, Qumran, Michvar and Ein-gedi from bus -> O/N at Masada youth hostel.

Day 2. – Masada (Northern Palace; Western Palace; Southern reservoir) -> Herodium (Citadel; Royal tomb viewpoint) -> Lunch in Ramat Rachel hotel -> Pool of Siloam -> up Herodian street drainage to -> Southern Wall archaeological Park -> Western Wall.

*If Sebasty is not an option, do Herodium on end of the first day, and on the second day, after Masada (+ lunch, at Qumran?) do Jerusalem sites + end with Jerusalem model at the Israel Museum.


Group No. 3

A group of travel and tour agents from Jordan interested in settlement and agriculture in the Nabatean Period and in the Modern Period. The tour leaves on Monday at 08:00 from the Arava Crossing (Rabin Crossing) and ends at a hotel in Be’er Sheva on Tuesday at 19:00.

Please note:

  1. The tour should not take place south of the Be’er Sheva-Arad line. Be’er Sheva, Tel Sheva, Arad and Tel Arad should not be included.
  2. The city of Eilat should not be included.
  3. The elaborated point must be related to the tour theme.


Day 1. Rabin Crossing -> Pharan farms from bus -> Yahel agriculture from bus -> “Tachanat Yair” (Hazeva) -> ancient Hazeva -> lunch break in Hazeva Gas station -> Up the scorpion ascent (if the road is open) -> Mamshit (Rooftop of Southern bldg; flowermill near it; Main church; “Beit Nabatu”; Bathhouse)-> O/N Dimona.

Day 2. Dimona -> Orly cactus farm -> rainfall research terraces near Kh. Hazaz – > Ben Gurion tomb in Sde Boker -> Avdat (Southern bldg.; winepress + olivepress spot; reservoir in Citadel; wine cellar cave); Lunch at Avdat Gas station -> Tuleilat el-Anab from bus -> Shivtah (Colt bldg.; main pools + church + mosque; northern square + winepress) -> hike to Shivtah farm -> liman from bus -> Beer Sheva.