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Tour to Masada

tour to masada Touring Masada is one of the most meaningful experiences when traveling in Israel. The rich and dramatic archaeological finds, combined with the majestic desert views, can make a visit to Masada truly unforgettable.  Yet, a full appreciation of the site requires proper knowledge about it. Why are archaeological finds so important? and what does Masada symbolize in the Zionist movement and in the Israeli culture?

Quite a few guidebooks were written about the Masada, as well as TV and movie productions.  Even we presented the site, in length, on “The Watchman” TV Show in 2016:

Masada, more then any other site in Israel, requires guidance. And there three basic ways to tour Masada with explanations –

Tour Masada by yourself – You can reach Masada by car or by public transportation (Egged bus #486). At the site itself you get a short pamphlet and a map when you purchase the entry ticket. You can also rent an audio-guide of the site. These aids will provide basic information that might suffice some.

Join a tour group to Masada – Several tour agencies offer a group tours to the Dead Sea, including a visit to Masada. These tours are done in a set schedule, and the tour of Masada is limited to the basic highlights. Yet, at an average cost of USD$100 per person, these tours are an adequate solution for some.

Book a private guided tour to Masada – No doubt that the best quality tour experience of Masada is with an expert private guide, who also provides transportation in a luxury level vehicle. Such a tour is conducted at your own pace and can include the less known parts of the site, more in-depth explanations, or hiking through the “Snake Path”. A private guided tour of Masada with transportation starts at USD$700.

Such a tour also includes a visit to where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran), the Oasis of Ein-Gedi, an optional swim at the Dead Sea, and more. See here more details about this tour. And of course – being a private tour, it is totally customizable.

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