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Tours Following “The Watchman” Show

Following my appearances on Erick Stakelbeck’s The Watchman TV show, I received an increasing number of requests to lead tours to the sites presented in the show. I have several single and multi-day tour offers, but here are some tours following the specific episodes:

I have also participated in several other TV productions. The Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel, and more. I woul be more than happy to arrange tours following the subjects and sites reviewed in these productions as well:


And here are some older TV and youtube productions, when I was young, bold, and not bald.. 🙂 :


Contact Me to Inquire About a Tour to Any of These Destinations

Attention TV Producers!

If you are a TV production, I will be happy to consult on a program or even a series relating to Biblical Archaeology.

There are various themes such a series could follow.

One possibility could be a 10 chapters series – “Treasures of the Holy Land”: Treasures of the Hasmonean Kings in the Judean Desert fortresses; Treasures of the Jewish Temple and the Copper Scroll; The coin hoards from the Carmel and Mamshit; Treasures of the Nea Church; Byzantine Treasures found in the Ophel; the Legendary treasures of the Templars;  the Legendary treasures of the Ottomans;  The hidden treasures of Napoleon, and more.

Another possibility could be a series on “Archaeological riddles in the Holy Land”; “Archaeological tracking of Jesus and the early Church”, etc.

danny the digger logo 2021 mar saba Contact me and I will be happy to discuss these and other ideas for a TV series.