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Presenting the Bar-Kokhba Revolt on “The Watchman” Show

In 130 CE the Emperor Hadrian visited the east, Including the province of Judea. Being an ardent admirer of Greek culture, he fostered the development of Athens. Being so, the Jews hoped he would also rebuild their temple in Jerusalem, but he aimed to turn Jerusalem into a pagan city. Two years after his royal visit, the Jews launched a second rebellion against Rome. They hoped to gain independence and re-built their temple in Jerusalem. The rebellion was led by a person called Shimon Bar-Kokhba, and so is known as the “Bar-Kokhba Revolt”.

In 2017, with Erick’s film crew, I reviewed the events and sites related to this dramatic rebellion. We visited some of the secret tunnels the rebels formed in the Shfelah. We also toured Jerusalem seeking evidence relating to those times of turmoil.

The rebellion ended with a complete defeat of the Jews. According to Roman historian Dio Cassius, over half a million Jews were killed, and nearly a thousand towns and villages were destroyed.

The next time Jews will fight for their independence in the Holy Land, and will succeed, would only be about 2,000 years later, in 1948.

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