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Presenting Nazareth on “The Watchman” Show

Nazareth is the biggest Arab City in the Galilee. Despite its significance in Christianity, most of its current population is Muslim. Nazareth’s main Holy Christian sites are between the old city’s spring and the Church of Annunciation. The “the Watchman” episode was only a short presentation of the city, filmed at Mount of Precipice. I hope to return with Erick to film in Nazareth a full episode, as it has much to offer.

Touring Nazareth

nazareth church of annunciationNazareth is a significant pilgrimage destination for Christians. Its main attraction, in the heart of the city, is the Church of Annunciation. By Christian tradition it is built over the home of Mary. Here, by Christian faith, Jesus was conceived. The current church was completed in 1969. It has a distinct “eclectic-brutalist” design, reflecting the period it was built. Its courtyard and interior walls are adorned with dozens of Icon offerings, gifts of Catholic communities from all around the globe. The current church is built over previous churches and other finds whose remains were uncovered in the 1950’s.

In one of the alleys behind the church is the Synagogue-Church, said to be the site of the first century synagogue where Jesus preached for the first time on his messianic role (Luke 4). The Greek-Orthodox church maintains another church near the city’s spring. By Apocryphal tradition the angel also appeared to Mary at the spring.

Nazareth is also a great site to sample the Israeli-Arab cuisine. It is famous for its cheese- based desert knafeh, and the best kebab ever!

It is recommended to combine a tour of Nazareth with a visit to Cana, Sepphoris, or sites around the Sea of Galilee.

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