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Exploring Saint George Monastery

Set on a cliff above Wadi Qelt, a deep gorge in the Judean Desert, Saint George Monastery is possibly the most picturesque location in Israel.  This monastery claims to be at the spot where Elijah hid and was fed by ravens. By Christian tradition, it is also where Saint Anne, the Mother of John, hid during her pregnancy.

The monastery was formed by 3 fellow monks, some 1,600 years ago. It later became more known for Geogrius, a monk who later joined it. He was known for his piety and miraculous capabilities, and later the monastery was renamed after him.  To this day the sanctified remains of Georgius are presented in a crypt beneath the church.

In 2012, with my friend Ron Peled, we filmed a short video of the site –

 Touring Saint George Monastery

Saint George Monastery is under the auspice of the Greek-Orthodox Church. 4 monks are usually stationed in the monastery, maintaining it and attending visiting guests. The monastery is open every day, in the morning hours. However, reaching it is quite a challenge. It requires a very beautiful, yet very steep, hike from the parking lot. Even more challenging is the hike back up. Local Bedouins do offer a “desert taxi” service, in the form of a donkey ride. Just don’t forget to put him in 4×4 mode. 🙂

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