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Into the Monastery of the Cross

The New Testament does not provide any details about the cross used for the crucifixion of Jesus. Yet, over the years, a Christian tradition developed, arguing the cross was formed by 3 different tree types in a valley west of Jerusalem. In the Middle Ages a large Armenian monastery was built over that site. Later, the Greek-Orthodox purchased the complex, and they are maintaining it to this day.

In 2010, my friend, Ron Peled and I reviewed this special place –

Touring the Monastery of the Cross

Although built more than a mile away from the Old City of Jerusalem, it is no longer an isolated spot in the Jerusalem mountains. As Jerusalem expanded in modern times, the monastery found itself in the heart of Western Jerusalem. In fact, it is right next to the Israel Museum and the Israeli parliament building (the Knesset).

Only two Greek monks maintain the place, and it doesn’t get many visitors. However, it is a spiritual like hidden spot in the middle of the bustling modern city.

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