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Is This King David’s Palace?

In 2019, Rene Schlaepfer hired my services for a video series about David. We filmed in the Ellah Valley, covering the Battle of David and Goliath.

King David Palace In Jerusalem, we filmed mostly in the City of David, trying to track any remains from David’s time. One of the most fascinating discoveries, made in 2005, are remains of massive building found above the Gihon Spring. Archaeologist Eilat Mazar, who uncovered the foundation of this building, suggested this is the very palace built by David, after establishing Jerusalem as his new capital. Not all scholars agree with her conclusions, but the debate goes on, and so is the research.

In this video, we reviewed the history of research in the City of David, the main discoveries, and especially the possible remains of David’s palace:

Touring the City of David

The City of David is a national park and is open every day except Saturdays and holidays. Being on steep slopes, comfortable shoes are recommended, as well as flashlights if you are planning to walk along “Hezekiah’s Tunnel.”

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