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Jerusalem’s Spring and Water System

In early 2020, I was honored to lead Cindy Brannon, head of “Your Holy Land Tours” through a few sites in Jerusalem. Among others, we filmed at the Gihon Spring.

We reviewed the latest research and discoveries made in this area, and discussed their possible connections to events recorded in the Bible.

This reminded me of another presentation I made on the same subject about ten years earlier:

Touring the City of David

Gihon Spring

Today, the City of David is a national park. Under the auspices of “For the City of David” organization, continuous research is being done. Even if you have visited the site in the past, it is recommended to come and see it again. In addition to the discoveries from the 1970’s such as Area G and Warren’s Shaft, research from 2004-2005 uncovered the Real Pool of Siloam, and possibly David’s Palace.

Since 2017, visitors can also walk through whole length of drainage channel set under the “Herodian stepped street.” The latest discovery is an ancient cultic corner, that might relate to Malchizedek. And of course, nothing beats reaching the Gihon Spring and getting your feet wet while walking through Hezekiah’s tunnel.

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