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Khirbet Qeyiafa and King David

Khirbet Qeyiafa is an archaeological site in the heart of the low hills of Judea (the Shephelah). Its ancient name is unknown, as well as its history. In 2005, a survey of the site indicated the site was settled in the time of the Israelites. In the subsequent years, archaeologist Y. Garfinkel led an archaeological expedition to the site. They uncovered a unique layout of a round fort-like settlement, dating back to the 10th century BCE.

Being right next to the battle site of David and Goliath, the discovery received much publicity as it dates to the time of the battle. In 2016, the Bible Lands Museum, in Jeruslaem, hosted a special exhibition presenting most of the artifacts recovered in this excavation. I was honored to narrate part of the video presentation of this exhibition.

Touring Khirbet Qeyiafa

Khirbet Qeyiafa is on a hill east of the Ella Valley, opposite Tel Azekah. There is no paved road reaching the site, so an off-road vehicle is required to get to its foothill. Especially in the spring, touring the site is a breathtaking experience, with the carpets of blossoming flowers in and around the site.

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