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King David’s Tomb and Tomb Mark

The Bible states that David was buried in a plot in the City of David (I Kings 2:10). His tomb was also used by most of the Judean kings that followed. Therefore, it must have been a famous landmark in Biblical Jerusalem. Unfortunately, today the location of these royal tombs is not certain. In the 1920s a French Jewish archaeologist claimed to have discovered the royal tombs on the slopes of the City of David. However, most scholars do not agree with his conclusions. Jewish medieval tradition claims that David’s tomb is on Mount Zion. Today, a synagogue operates in front of a big stone monument on Mount Zion, labeled as “King David Tomb Mark.”

In 2011, with my friend Amos Friedlin, we attempted to produce a video on this subject. With just one camera, no tripod or wireless mic, the result is somewhat premature, but we still had a lot of fun making the video!

In early 2020, I reviewed the subject again, with Cindy Brannon, head of Your Holy Land Tours. This was a semi professional production, and still – a lot of fun! 🙂

Touring the City of David

The City of David is a national park, open every day during the week. The “David’s Tomb” site is between Area G and the Pool of Siloam. If you bring a ladder, you will also be able to climb up to the niche at the innermost part of the supposed. Some say marks in this cavity suggest a burial.

Visiting the Tomb Mark of King David

The Tomb Mark of King David is on Mount Zion. A synagogue operates in front of it, while Christians venerate the floor above it as the site of the Last Supper (Cenacle). The Tomb Mark and the building were both erected by the Crusaders. Recent ground penetrating Radar survey alludes to a big cave beneath the tomb mark, but it has not been excavated yet.

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