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Picturing Jerusalem in Black and White

Elia Photo eli The bustling Old City of Jerusalem combines in a spectacular way holy sites, religious institutions, fresh juice stands, and endless souvenir shops. Most of the souvenirs are low quality Chinese and Indian import, but some shops are a real gem. One of them is Elia photography shop. Few people today care for a professional photo, and no one develops film anymore. However, Eli, the third generation of the shop, isn’t known for these services. He sells genuine and unique photos his grandfather took, about a century ago. Those prints encapsulate Jerusalem in such a remarkable way, just before the modern era.

In 2011, my friend, Ron Peled and I visited the place. At that time George, Eli’s father (and Elia’s son) was still running the shop.

Touring the Old City of Jerusalem

Elia photography shop is just one of several unique shops in the Old City. Combined with the many different tourist attractions and tourist destinations, no wonder Jerusalem’s Old City is the most popular tour destination in Israel.

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