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Southern Wall Archaeological Park

Southern Wall Archaeological Park Up to 1967, Jerusalem was divided between two countries. Israel held its western part, while Jordan controlled eastern Jerusalem and its Old City. As a result of the 1967 Six-Day War, Jerusalem was all united under Israeli sovereignty.  The Jewish Quarter, which was cleared of all its Jewish residents, was repopulated. The Western Wall, which was so sacred to the Jews, could not be reached until 1967. After the war, Israel formed a big plaza in front of it, which serves Jewish pilgrim groups and visitors to this day. In front of the Southern wall of the Temple Mount, a big archaeological project was launched, eventually forming the Southern Wall Archaeological Park. It is the biggest archaeological park in Jerusalem, and perhaps the most interesting one. A wealth of finds were made here, covering a wide range of periods.

In 2011, with my friend Ron Peled, we filmed at the site, presenting the highlights of this site:

Four years later, I produced a similar video of the site, this time with my friend, Eran Frenkel –

Touring the Southern Wall Archaeological Park

The site is open every day of the week. It is in the Jewish Qaurter, just next to the Western Wall‘s plaza. Most visitors are especially interested in the finds that relate to the first century. It is the time of the Second Herodian Temple, and the time of Jesus. In fact, it is quite possible that Jesus walked on some of the cobbled streets uncovered in the excavations. I also recommend visiting the Davidson Center, which exhibits some of the finds found in the excavations, and also presents a computer generated virtual reconstruction that suggests what the site looked and felt like some 2,000 years ago.

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