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The City of David

In 2011 My friend Amos Friedlin and I made our first attempts to produce short videos about different sites in Jerusalem. No Tripod, and no hidden mics. Lets records and see what comes out. So this is what came out..

In my defense I will say that this is EXACTLY how I sound and look when I guide. I did not know then, is that I need to sound and look differently in front of a camera. Nevertheless, we had a great time, and I enjoyed much the experience!

Touring the City of David

city of David The City of David is just outside the old city of Jerusalem. Parking is very limited, and so it is best to walk to it from the Jewish Quarter, exiting at the “Dung Gate”.

The site is under constant development, and almost every year new significant discoveries are made.

If you are not claustrophobic and afraid of the dark, it is also highly recommended to walk along Hezekiah’s tunnel, a 533 m long water tunnel delivering the water of the Gihon spring to the Pool of Siloam.

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