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The Copper Scroll’s Treasures

Qumran cave Perhaps the most intriguing and fascinating archaeological discovery made in the Holy Land is the Copper Scroll. Found in 1952, in a cave next the Dead Sea, the Copper Scroll lists over 60 locations where tons of gold, Silver, and temple items were concealed.

Many different attempts have been made to uncover these treasures, but so far all in vain. Are these treasures real? Are they still hidden somewhere?

In 2015, I was honored to narrate parts of a special program on the Smithsonian Channel devoted to this topic. We filmed at the cave where the scroll was found, in Qumran, and in Jerusalem. Two trailers were released later on Youtube:

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to track and refer to the full episode itself. however,  I would be happy to offer a special tour devoted to this fascinating subject.

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