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Tours in Israel from Tel-Aviv

Many will agree that Tel-Aviv offers the best selection of hotels, restaurants, cultural activites and night life.

Being so, it is no wonder that many tourists set their stay in Tel-Aviv, and use it as a base for different day tours.  

A Day Tour to Jerusalem from Tel-Aviv

Being only an hour drive away from Jerusalem, a day tour to Jerusalem is quite a common desire. Ordering a private tour with us will have the following advantages:

• Our expert guides are all specialists of guiding in Jerusalem, knowning every corner in it, and in fact most of them live in Jerusalem.
• With our specially licensed tour car, we can use lanes resereved only to public transportation. This can save you up to an hour of road traffic, both on entering Jerusalem, and on the return to Tel-Aviv.
• Being a private tour, the schedule and itinerary are completely flexible to match your specific wishes, interests, desired pace, and time constraints.
• The price per person is cheaper than joining a group tour if you are four or more.
• Includes pick up and drop off at any desired location in Tel-Aviv.

Additional Day Tours from Tel-Aviv

This also applies to many other optional day tours. Whether it’s a tour to Jerusalem, Masada, Haifa, or the Galilee, we can set for you a great tour experience. We can also set  multi day tours to more distant locations like the Golan Heights or Eilat, or even Petra and Mount Sinai. 

See below a selection of single day tour options:

Special and Themed Tours

If you have already toured the classical sites of Israel, you may want to consider one of our special and themed tours:

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