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19-Day Christian Holy Land Tour

Christian Oriented 19-Day Holy Land Tour

A tour to the Holy Land is an unforgettable experience for any believer. The Bible comes alive as you travel with your private guide to various holy Christian sites, gaining an amazing spiritual and touring experience.  The Galilee, the Golan Heights, Jericho, the Jordan River baptism site, Bethlehem, Jaffa, Caesarea, Jerusalem and Jordan’s highlights are some of the sites covered in this specially designed 19 day tour of the Holy Land.

Day 1 – Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Shalom and welcome to Israel! After passport control and baggage claim you will reach Tel-Aviv and check-in. If time and will permits, you could meet your guide in the evening for a night tour of Jaffa.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 2 – Tour Jaffa and meet Samaritans

Your first day in Israel will be devoted to exploring the history of Tel-Aviv and the biblical connections in Jaffa. You will start with a stroll in the alleys of old Jaffa, learning about its long and rich history. Solomon, prophet Jonah, and Peter are just some of the key figures related to this ancient site. You will also have an opportunity to check out the local art galleries, and at the port try some great gelato :-). You could also continue to the flea market nearby, and haggle on vintage souvenirs. Returning to the car, your guide will now drive you through the main historical sites of Tel-Aviv. At 16 Rothschild boulevard you will learn about the declaration of the state of Israel (“Independence Hall“) and under the Municipality building you will review the events leading to the assassination of PM Yizhak Rabin at this site, on November 4th 1995.  Time permitting, you could also drive to the Samaritan Community in Holon. Here you will see and learn about this small yet fascinating community of the Samaritans, an ethnic and religious group whose origin go back some 3,000 years ago!

Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 3 – Follow the Ark, Paul and Elijah

muhraqaChecking out and heading north for a few days, the first stop will be Izbet Sartah. Early Iron age finds made at the site lead some scholars to suggest this could be the place where the Israelites prepared for war against the Philistines. Moreover, perhaps the ark of the covenant was placed at this site before taken to the battle site. (1 Sam. 4). Driving along the coast, the next stop will be the Roman metropolis of Caesarea. Found some 2,000 years ago by King Herod, Caesarea Maritima was a major city in Roman and Byzantine period. Both Peter and Paul stayed in Caesarea, and later, in Crusaders times Caesarea was major stronghold of the Crusaders. You end the day with a visit to the Muhraqa. Maintained by the Carmelites, by local Christian tradition, this is the site where Elijah defeated and later killed the Ba’al and Ashera prophets (1 Kings 18).

Overnight: Haifa

Day 4 – Explore the Crusaders City of Akko

The Morning will be devoted to exploring Haifa. From the top of the Bahai terraced gardens in Haifa you will learn about the Bahai people and the history of their faith. Nearby is the site believed to be where Elijah hid after his confrontation with the Ba’al and Ashera priests on the Carmel. Across the bay you will reach the medieval city of Akko. Inhabited since Canaanite times. Akko is mostly known for its rich remains from the time of the Crusaders. Indeed, during most of the 13th century Akko was the Capital of the Crusaders’ “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem“. Today, old Akko presents a fascinating combination of underground hall and secret tunnels of the knight Hospitallers, remarkable architecture from Ottoman times, and a colorful market of the current Arab Muslim population in the city. After a lunch break, your guide will drive across the Galilee, and greet the Sea of Galilee from “Mount of Beatitudes“. By Local Catholic tradition this is the site where Jesus delivered the “Sermon on the mount“, the essence of Christian faith. If time permits, you can also visit Chorazin, a Jewish village cursed by Jesus (Mat. 11:2-23)

Overnight: Magdala Hotel

Day 5 – With Jesus around the Sea of Galilee

The morning will begin with visiting Capernaum, where Jesus laid the foundation of Christianity. With your guide you will assess the archaeological finds relating to ministry of Jesus, and continue to the sites associated with Jesus’ miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fish, and where the primacy of Peter was declared (John 21). Next, you will visit  kibbutz Ginosar, where an astonishing archaeological discovery was made in 1986 – a 2,000 year-old wooden fishing vessel. Nearby, at Magdala, you could also visit the finds relating to the hometown of Mary Magdalene. It is also possible to set a sail across the Sea of Galilee and visit the site of the “Swine Miracle” or hike up the city of Hippos-Sussita.

Overnight: Magdala hotel

Day 6 – Walk on the road to Damascus

Heading to the sources of the Jordan river, the first stop will be Tel Hazor. Known as the biggest Canaanite city, Hazor was still conquered by Joshua in a big conflagration (13:10-13) and later built by Solomon (1 King 9:15). Next to Dan Spring, the biggest tributary of the Jordan river, you will walk among the ruins of Tel Dan. You will assess the archaeological finds relating to Jeroboam’s cultic center for the worship of golden calf (1 kings 12:28-30), a gate from the time of Abraham (Genesis 14:14) and the “House of David” inscription. Nearby, at Caesarea Philippi, you will reflect on Jesus’ declaration of Peter as his most devout disciple (Mat. 16:13-18). Next, you will drive up the Golan heights, on the possible route Paul took on his way to Damascus (Acts 9). You will enjoy a lunch and hospitality experience with a local Druze family and visit a battle site of the 1973 “Day of Atonement’ war. You can end the day with a visit to a local winery, join an ATV tour, or appreciate the grand view of the Golan Heights from the top of Mount Bental.

Overnight: Magdala

Day 7 – Decapolis, Nain and the Transfiguration

This day is devoted to the less known sites of Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee. Driving along the Jordan river, The first stop will Beit-Shean. The book of Samuel records the Philistines hanging the bodies of Saul and his sons on the city’s walls (1 Sam. 31). Centuries later, Beit-Shean was a member of the “Decapolis”, mentioned several times in the Gospels. Moreover, Jesus must have walked through this city on his pilgrimages through the Jordan River and on the way to Jerusalem. After a lunch in Kibbutz Tirat-Zvi your guide will take you through its cotton fields to Tel-Shalem. The Gospel of John (3:23) indicates the springs around it were also used by John the Baptist. Next, you will pass by Harod spring, where Gideon assembled a force against the Midianites (Judges 7). You could also stop stop at the church of Nain, where Jesus revived the widow’s child (Luke 7:11-17). The day will end on top of Mount Tabor. Known also as the site of Jesus’ “transfiguration” (Luke 9:28-37), a large size Catholic church adorns it’s summit. Yet it’s biggest attractions is breath-taking panoramas of the lower Galilee.

 Overnight: Magdala hotel

Day 8 – From the Annunciation to Armageddon

Checking out of our hotel, your first stop will be Kafer Cana. Identified with  “Cana in the Galilee” (John 4:1), you will visit Cana’s main church, and reach a large stone jar. By local tradition this jar took part in Jesus’ first miracle – turning water into wine. In the nearby city of Nazareth, you will visit the Church of Annunciation. This colossal size church marks the site of Mary’s immaculate conception (Luke 1:26-38). Behind it, the Church of Saint Joseph marks the home and carpentry of Joseph, and where Jesus grew up. After a lunch break, you will head back to the car and cross the Jezre’el valley, reaching Megiddo. Known as one of the most significant cities in Solomon’s kingdom (1 Kings 9:15), However, for Christians Megiddo is more known as Armageddon a major battle site at the end of times (Apocalypse 16:16:).

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 9 – Explore Jerusalem

tour to jerusalem via dolorosaThe day will start with a breath-taking view of the Jerusalem from the famous viewpoint on Mount of Olives. With your guide you will review the city’s rich and turbulent history, and especially in the biblical periods. Next, you will head down to the Garden of Gethsemane and visit the church built over the “Rock of Agony”, where Jesus prayed before his capture. Crossing the Kidron valley and parking the first stop in the Old city will be the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This church complex, possibly the holiest site in Christendom, marks the locations of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and Resurrection. Next, you will walk along some of the “Stations of the Cross“, and after a local falafel lunch break, you will reach the Plaza of the Western Wall. Finally, after crossing the Jewish Quarter, at Mount Zion you will visit the site of the Last Supper, as well as the Catholic sites commemorating the Pentecost of and Mary’s assumption.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 10 – Follow King David in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Today begins with a tour to the oldest remains of Jerusalem – City of David. It will start with a review of the finds that might be associated with David’s palace (2 Sam. 5;11). Next, you will walk through Canaanite era tunnels to the city’s ancient primary water source – the Gihon Spring, and the Pool of Siloam. Known for Jesus’ miracle of curing a blind man (John 9:1-7), you will review the latest striking archaeological discoveries made at the site. Next, you will along under a 2,000 year-old stepped street that connected the Pool of Siloam with the Temple Mount. You will surface next to the Western Wall and its corner with the Southern Wall. Here you will be able to admire the remains of a large bridge that once lead into the Temple Mount (“Robinson’s Arch”) and walk on the actual steps Jesus probably used to enter (and exit) the Temple Mount. Returning to the car, you will now be driven to the border crossing into Bethlehem. A Palestinian guide will now take over, taking you for lunch, followed by a tour to the Church of the Nativity. This remarkable church, first built in the 4th century CE, marks the birth site of Jesus, and the manger where he was placed. If time permits, you will also be shown the Shepherds’ fields, before returning to Jerusalem.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 11 – Tracking the Ark, John the Baptist, and more

The morning begins with a tour of the highlights of the Israel Museum.  Among others, you will review the ossuary of Caiaphas, the Pilatus Inscription, and the “Crucified man“. Our doors you will appreciate the Sculptures Garden, as well as a 1:50 scale model of Jerusalem in the first century. The highlight will be the “Shrine of the Book” which displays  Dead Sea Scrolls, a treasure of manuscripts found by chance in the 1950’s. Next, you will drive to the Arab village of Abu Ghosh, and after a local lunch break, you will review the finds that relate to the Ark of the Covenant. On the way back we you visit the quaint village of Ein Karem. Associated with the nativity and childhood of John the Baptist, the village bears two remarkable churches – and a great gelato 🙂

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 12 – Christian Sanctity in the Judean Desert

baptism site qasr el yahudThis day is devoted to exploring the rich finds relating to Christian history in the Judean Desert. Although hot and dry, the northern part of the Judean desert witnessed remarkable events relating to the cradle of Christianity, and later it flourished as a monastic center. The first stop will the Baptism Site. Located 3 miles east of Jericho, this part of the Jordan river is venerated since the 4th century CE as the spot where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. To this day it is a popular pilgrimage destination, where many also conduct a baptismal ceremony. Nearby, you will visit the site of Qumran, famous for the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. After a lunch break and an optional swim at the Dead Sea, your guide will take you to the viewpoint of Saint George monastery and of Jericho. The day will end the day with a visit to the “Good Samaritan inn” which relates to Jesus’ parable on the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Alternatively, after Qumran you could continue to Ein-Gedi for a 3 hours wet-and-fun hike in its nature reserve, up to the main waterfall.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 13 – The Shephela – Biblical battles, and great wine!

Labeled as “biblical Tuscany” the western Judean foothills are famed for their wine, rural landscape – and archaeological sites. The first stop will be Tel Lachish, a major Judean city conquered is a dramatic battle by Sennacherib. Next, from the top of Tel Azekah you will review the battle site of David and Goliath, the most famous battle in world history between two individuals. After a light lunch break, you will continue to Tel Beth-Shemesh, and see the 2019 finds that could be associated with the Ark of the Covenant (!). For a great ending of the day, you could visit to one of the local wineries, and try some local verities and blends. Le’Haim!

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 14 – The Philistines and the Edomites

Checking out, you will drive through the Shephelah again, but this time focusing on the Philistines and their Material culture. At Kibbutz Revadim your guide will lead you through the “Philistine Street“, a presentation of archaeological discoveries relating to the Philistines. Further south, at Tell Beer-Sheva, you will walk amongst the alleys of a fully exposed biblical city. After a lunch break in modern Beer-Sheva you will continue to Tel Arad and learn about the unique archaeological discoveries made at the site. The Canaanite ruins will be compared with the biblical description of the conquest of the site (Numbers 21:1-13). Furthermore, at its citadel you will see the surprising discovery of a local Judean temple. Your guide will also introduce the “Arad letters”, which record, among others, the neighboring Edomites

Overnight: Yehelim Hotel, Arad

Day 15 – Explore Masada and Timna

masada flagAn enchanting morning ride through the southern part of the Judean Desert will bring you to Masada’s western Edge. Built by King Herod some 2,000 years ago, Masada is most famous for the Roman conquest of the site, yet its Jewish refugees favoring death to Roman slavery. Using the original Roman ramp the guide will lead to the top of the site, where you will appreciate the wealth of remains that reflect the dramatic events this site witnessed.  Next, you return to the car, drive along the Negev plains, connecting to the main road to Eilat. On the way you could stop at Timna park. This site is known for its unusual landscape, as well as biblical-era copper mines. The site also bears a replica of the biblical tabernacle.

Overnight: Eilat

Day 16 – Snorkel in the Red Sea and Drive off-road in Wadi Rum

Known for its coral reef and colored fish, the morning in Eilat can be used for a snorkeling experience at the Red Sea. It is also possible to set a scuba diving experience – even if you have no experience at all! The instructor leads you through the dive, always holding your hand, guarantying your safety. After a lunch break you will be taken to the border, and crossing into Jordan, a Jordanian guide will drive you to the special nature reserve of Wadi Rum. With its lunar like landscape, an off-road tour in Wadi Rum truly feels like an extra-terrestrial experience. In the evening you will reach the hotel near Petra, and possibly join the Petra night tour. But the full experience of Petra will start the next morning.

Overnight: Wadi Musa

Day 17 – Explore Petra in Depth

An early start will get you ahead of the crowds (and the heat..) into the Petra. Walking along its “Siq” after about a mile you will first reach the “Treasury“. This breath-taking monument was carved in detail some 2,000 years ago, and its state of preservation is astonishing. Next, the city’ theatre, royal tombs, main street and temples will appear as you reach the ancient city’s center. Puzzling archaeologists to this day, these monuments attest to the great wealth of the Nabateans in early Roman times.  If time permits, you can also climb up the 900 steps leading to Petra’s most remote monument – “The Monastery“. A walk back to the entrance will get you to the main entrance, where you will have a chance to appreciate Petra’s visitors center and museum as well.  At night you can join a Bedouin feast which will include a traditional “Swords Dance”.

Overnight: Wadi Musa

Day 18 – Tracking Sodom and Gommorah

main hot springsA 30 minutes’ drive north of Petra will get you to the medieval fort of Shobak. Named “Montreal” by the Crusaders, this is a great testimony to the might of the Crusaders in this region some 900 years ago. The site’s defense systems are still well intact, as well as its secret escape tunnel. Neat, a 2 hours’ scenic drive along the land of the Edomites will get you to the southern shores of the Dead Sea, where you can climb to “Lot’s Cave“. By Christian tradition this is where Lot and his daughters hid after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19). Nearby, the mysterious site of Bab Edh-Dhra is identified by some as the lost city of Sodom.  In the afternoon you will reach Mai’n hot springs where you will be able to enjoy a soothing experience in Ma’in thermal waterfalls, set in an enchanting desert oasis.

Overnight: Ma’in Hot spring and Resort.

Day 19 – Greeting the Holy Land Farewell

The last day of the tour will begin with a climb to the top of Macaherus. Developed by King Herod, Machaerus is mostly known as the site where John the Baptist was beheaded (Mark 6). Nearby, at the city of Madaba, you will visit the “Madaba Map”. Formed some 1,500 years ago this mosaic floor is the most important geographical source for the Holy Land in late antiquity. A 15 minutes’ drive west of Madaba will get you to one of the best viewpoints of the Holy Land. Identified by Christian tradition as Mount Nebo, a remarkable church complex was built on its summit, yet the main attraction is the stunning panoramas of the Holy Land. Greeting the Holy Land farewell, you will drive to Amman airport for departure

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    We just returned from an 8-day tour with Danny, including Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Masada, Megiddo, the Galilee area and Caesarea. I cannot say enough good about Danny and his team! Danny has the perfect blend of archeological knowledge, cultural history and religious background to tie-in the significance of each ancient site, regardless of your background. He is passionate about sharing his expertise and helping you have an amazing experience in the Holy Land. He is extremely flexible. He wants your tour to be tailor-made for you. He also works hard to accommodate last-minute requests along the way. I would recommend Danny to all of my friends and family who want an amazing experience in the Holy Land. Thank you, Danny!!

    Charles H., USA

    Touring Israel with Danny was an incredible experience! I can’t imagine how the trip would have been without his help and expertise— he has the answer to all of your questions! I really appreciated his vast knowledge especially in archaeology which helped to bring biblical stories to life. Danny is also a celebrity! We were stopped multiple times on our tour by other tour guides who knew him either from taking his classes, watching his vlogs, or following him on social media..

    Hailey H., USA

    Your tours haven been amazing! We have been so blessed by your expertise and the way in which you conduct your tours. My reading of the scriptures will never be the same because of this experience. Thank you so very much!

    Charles H., USA

    Danny knows the sites of Israel from so many different perspectives- not the least of which is the archeological expertise he brings to the table. Danny is one of a kind - I'd recommend him for any length of tour for any age group on any day of the week! My experience was eye opening and life-shifting. Loved every moment. Best tour guide experience I've ever had!

    Hillary T., USA

    Daniel provided the single best guided tour experience our family has ever had! Daniel's knowledge of the Holy Land is the very best - and he magically weaved lessons on history, archeology, and religion into every site visit - in a way that fascinated my entire family (inc 2 teenagers, 2 young adults). We all learned and had experiences we will never forget. The entire experience was top notch and well planned - Danny knows everyone and how to get things done. Don't hesitate. Book Danny the Digger now!

    J.B. T., USA

    My husband and I just got back from an 8 day tour of Israel with Danny. It was fantastic!! Danny is incredibly knowledgeable and related so many interesting details and facts about his country. Every day was a great day. Danny is simply the best!!

    Robyn W. USA

    Danny is incredibly knowledgeable on the biblical, historical and political information surrounding all the sites… As a Christian, Danny has offered me so much insight into the life of Jesus as well.

    Richard E., USA

    We are a Christian Family of five from the United States. Danny gave us an outstanding tour of Jerusalem and Herodion. His Archaeology background and knowledge of the Old and the New Testament is impressive and his explanations brought the holy sites to life... Our three teenage children loved his tours!

    Joan D., USA

    I learnt more about the Bible with Danny in a day than I have ever had attending Sunday school or church. The tour was just excellent!

    John M., UK trip to the Holy Land will last my entire life…I really appreciated how you wove the history from the New Testament into our tours…You taught me so much. Please don’t think me presumptuous- I am very sincere. It was a privilege to spend time with you.

    Pam H., USA

    Thanks very much for a really special day. I loved being able to go to the special places for Christians.. an everlasting experience for me… And thanks… for your professionalism and deep knowledge and dedication...

    Ann D., New Zealand

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