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5 Days Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel

A tour to the Holy Land is probably the best way to explore the history of Judaism in-depth. This 5 days Jewish Heritage tour to Israel proposal includes many essential sites relating to the Biblical and Jewish history, including the modern State of Israel. The tour also includes a few special fun activities for all family members, setting an unforgettable experience, for all ages.

Day 1 – On “Burma Road” to Jerusalem

  • Head towards Jersalem along the 1948 “Burma Road”, and learn about the battles in Shahar Hagai during the War of Independence.
  • Upon reaching Jerusalem ambakr on a tour by foot of the Jewish Quarter. See its main historical sites, and feel is special atmosphere today.
  • Descend to the plaza of the Western wall and join the crowds praying at this holy site. Combine it with a new virtual presentation of this area in the time of the Temple.
  • Time permitting, descend to the City of David and appreciate the significant finds made here from the time of the bible.
  • In the evening you can consider going to the Tower of David night spectacular.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 2 – Reach Masada

  • Drive towards the Dead Sea. Optional stop on at Sea Level sign for fun and short Camel Ride.
  • At Masada we admire the site which witnessed a great drama 2000 years ago. See the wealth of remains and assess its tragic end for the Jewish rebels.
  • Have an authentic kibbutz lunch experience at  Kibbutz Ein Gedi , followed by a stroll in the kibbutz’ famous Botanical Gardens.
  • Alternatively drive to one of the hotels by the Dead Sea for a lunch and swim experience.
  • On the way back to Jerusalem stop for a view of the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered (Qumran).
  • If time permits, learn how Biblical Tsitsit was made at the unique Tekhelet Factory.

Overnight: Jerusalem or Tiberias

Day 3 – Jewish Sprituality in the Galilee

  • Drive to Safed, former center known for Kabbalah philosophy and now as Jewish artists’ colony.
  • Stroll along Safed’s main street and appreciate its Jewish Art galleries.
  • Visit Ha’ari Hakadosh synagogue, and where Rabbi Yosef Karo compiled the “Shulchan Aruch”.
  • Nearby, visit the famous tomb of the Rashbi, the most popular Rabbi’s tomb in Israel.
  • Head back to Tiberias, and head for some watersports in the Sea of Galilee!

Overnight: Tiberias

Day 4 – Explore the Golan Heights

  • Ascend the Golan Heights and reach the top of Mt. Bental. Here you can view both Israel and deep into Syria. You can also explore here an unmanned IDF bunker.
  • Nearby visit the 1973 battle site “Valley of Tears“. Here, in October 1973 a small tank force heroically successfully held against a massive Syrian attack.
  • Join an ATV tour next the Syrian Border to appreciate the beauty of the Golan’s countryside and its special geo-politics.
  • Have a special lunch experience in a Druze village.
  • Head to Tel-Aviv. Time permitting stop at Caesarea to learn about its rich history and Jewish significance.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 5 – Be a Tel-Avivian

  • Enter Independence Hall, on Rothschild boulevard, where the state of Israel was declared.
  • Continue on Rothschild boulevard and learn how Tel-Aviv was established and developed into Israel’s metropolis.
  • Continue to Jaffa and learn about its rich history. Stroll in its scenic alleys and enjoy its special art galleries.
  • Continue to the Flea Market for a lunch break and chance finds of rare vintage memorabilia.
  • Reach Rabin Assassination site. Here, in 1995 the Israeli prime minister was shot by opposition to the contemporary peace process with the Palestinians.
  • Time permitting, visit the Palmach Museum, the ANU Museum, or try the extreme jet fighter flight simulator (“The Squadron”)!

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    If you are looking for a private guide through Israel, it starts and ends with Danny. He made our sons Bar Mitzvah journey the most memorable event of his life. Danny’s depth of knowledge is unmatched. His carefree attitude and flexibility made the experience that much better and he kept the kids entertained and engaged throughout the entire journey. Can’t wait to share this experience with everyone we know looking for the same memories we made. Thank you Danny!

    Bengy T,. USA

    Let me say to you and you may use this as a sincere testimonial: You Danny the Digger are an outstanding guide, educator, archeologist and political pundit providing exciting and most intelligent information to the visitor on events of the past, their impact on the Jewish world and our concerns with the future. I have been to Israel 100+ times but notwithstanding, one always learns particularly from people like you.

    Tom H., CJA Chairman, Canada

    I recommend his services wholeheartedly for the synagogue group I will be leading this coming October/November. While his certification is currently specific to archaeology, my experience is that he will be fully able to handle the range of explanations that our group will need, in order to have a meaningful tour.

    Rabbi Michael P., USA

    We have really enjoyed our time with you.. I learned so much from your explanations… I really think I will remember this trip forever. Todah Rabbah!

    Dorit Sh., USA

    I wanted to thank you for making our first trip to Israel such a spectacular one… You were the perfect guide... You really made the Bible come to life…

    Jennifer and Stuart Z., USA

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