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Bud Angell Tour plan, April 2020

April 18 (SAT)

3:25  – Arrival, WELCOME TO ISRAEL!. If you wish I could set a VIP reception and a transfer to the hotel. The day is devoted to relax and enjoy the Shabbath.  However if you prefer I could set a tour for that day as well, or some local activities (Segway Tour tour or similar).

O/N: Crown Plaza Hotel, Tel-Aviv

April 19 (SUN)

Our first full day tour will start with a drive to the Roman and Byzantine era Metropolils  of Caesarea.  We will review its well preserved aqueduct and then explore the site’s Port, including the New Visitors Center, and walk along Caesarea Hippo-Stadium to Herods Palace in Caesarea and Caesarea Theatre.  We then head on to Haifa for a quick view of the iconic Bahai Gardens in Haifa, and later reach Akko where we appreciate both the local market and the Hospitallers Citadel / “The Knights Halls”.

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim?

April 20 (MON)

appreciating the breakfast and views of the renewed “Mizpe Hayamim” spa hotel, we head down to the Sea of Galilee and visit some of its famous sites related to Christian history, such as Mount of Beatitudes, CapernaumChurch of the Multiplication of Loaves and FishSea of Galilee Boat, and possibly Sail on the Sea of Galilee.

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim

April 21 (TUE)

Completing our review of Holy Christian sites we head to the northern top of the state of Israel and visit Caesarea Philippi (Banias) and possibly hike the Banias hike and water fall. Next we ascend up the Golan Heights and possibly have lunch at the home of a special Druze women (Naseeba Samara), and later reach the top of Mt. Bental for amazing panoramas of the region, including into Syria, and possibly join an ATV tour along the Syrian Border. If time and will permits we could end the day with a visit to a local winery.

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim

April 22 (WED)

Heading to Jerusalem we make a few stop on the way such as at the site of the “First miracle of Jesus” – Cana. Nearby we stroll in the local markets of Nazareth, review the Church of Annunciation, and have lunch at the BEST Kebab restaurant in Israel! We then traverse through the plains of “Armageddon”, and if time and will permits we could also visit the archaeolical site of Megiddo.

O/N: Prima Kings, Jerusalem

April 23 (THUR)

The first day in Jerusalem will be devoted to exploring the Old City. We will start with an early visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to reach mostly the  Golgotha and the  Tomb of Jesus, and later walk along the “Stations of the Cross” (Via Dolorosa). After light lunch break (Hummus any one?) and possible shopping in the local market (Suq) we continue to the Jewish Qaurter, where we visit sites like the Western wall, the Temple Institute, the Cardo and more.

O/N: Prima Kings, Jerusalem

April 24 (FRI)

On our second day of exploring Jerusalem we will visit the main attractions on Mount Zion  such as the site of the “Last supper” (Cenacle ), King David’s Tomb Mark on Mount Zion and more. We then contiue to the Israel Museum and appreciate its main attractions, such as “Shrine of the Book”, the Model of the Second Temple, and the Archaeological Wing. For lunch we head into Mahane Yehudah Market and experience the sounds smells and tastes of the local market before Shabbath, and later drive along the Ultra Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim. Shabbath Shalom!

O/N: Prima Kings, Jerusalem

April 25 (SAT)

An Arab guide will take you today to selected sites in the West bank. In Jericho you will walk on the ruins of the Biblical site (Tel es-Sultan), and possibly take the cable car ride to the Monastery of the Temptation. Nearby you could visit the Baptism site (qasr el-Yahud). In Bethlehem you will go to the Church of Nativity and the Shepherds’ Field and learn about the hometown of David, becoming a Holy City to the Christian world, and now a Palestinian town of conflict.

O/N: Prima Kings, Jerusalem

April 26 (SUN)

A day tour the to the Dead Sea will begin with a visit to the site where the famous “Dead Sea Scroll” were found (Qumran), followed by a drive at Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve and trying to track some of the wild life. At Masada we will take a cable car to the top of the famous site of Jewish drama and trajic end, and then head for lunch and a swim at the Dead Sea. We then have a 2.5 hours drive to get to Eilat and check in.

O/N: Dan Panorama Eilat

April 27 (MON)

A morning pick up by the agency will take you to the border crossing where a Jordanian guide and driver will take you to the famous Nabatean former capital of Petra. Walking through the Siq you will be amazed by the unique rock fomations, and the “Treasury” at the end (Al-Khazneh). You will have lunch at the site and then return to the entrance, possibly visiting the new Petra Museum. You will then drive back to the border crossing, with an optional quick stop at Wadi Rum on the Way.

O/N: Dan Panorama Eilat

April 28 (TUE) (Memorial Day)

A relaxing morning in Eilat can be used for snorkeling or Scuba Diving at the Red Sea, and then head to a 5 hours drive to get to Tel-Aviv. Alternatively we could leave early in the morning, drive through Ramon Crater, and possibly visit Ramon Crater Visitors Center and/or Ben Gurion’s Tomb and Desert home. In the evening expect long parties to mark eve of INDEPENDENCE DAY!.

O/N: Crown Plaza Hotel, Tel-Aviv

April 29 (WED)

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Today is a day off for the guide.. You can enjoy the beach, relax, and possibly visit one of the national institutions (Independence HallRabin CenterPalmach MuseumRabin Assassination site, etc.)

O/N: Crown Plaza Hotel, Tel-Aviv

April 30 (THUR)

Our day tour of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa will begin with a stroll along the art galleries and alleys of Jaffa, appreciating the mix of Ottoman architecture and and some archaeological discoveries. Reaching the port we could check the “Catch of the day” of the local fisherman and then walk to the colorfull Flea Market, where we can also have lunch. We will then return to the car, and drive along points of Interest in Tel-Aviv such as Neve TzedekRothschild Boulevard, Rabin Assassination site. We could combine it also with a visit to the Palmach Museum.

O/N: Crown Plaza Hotel, Tel-Aviv

May 1 (FRI)

Our last day of the tour will be concentrating on the Shephelah. We will drive along the 1948 war “Burma Road”, and review the Battle site of David and Goliath and sites related to Samson. We then return to Tel-Aviv and make sure not the miss the Friday Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair and the local Carmel Market. Shabbath Shalom!

O/N: Crown Plaza Hotel, Tel-Aviv

May 2 (SAT)

4:50 – Departure, Farewell!

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