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Heidi Group Tour plan, March 2022

March 10 (THUR)

16:20 / 17:20 Arrival – Welcome to Israel! Upon arrival and after passport control and collecting the luggage you will conduct PCR tests. The minibus will then transfer you to your hotel in Jerusalem.

Overnight: Derech Beth-Lechem 40, Jerusalem.


March 11 (FRI)

Upon receiving the PCR negative results, we will head for a tour of Jerusalem! We will start with a guided tour at the famous Garden Tomb, and head to the Garden of Gethsemane. Nearby, we will also visit the Orson Hyde park, and if time and will permit, we will walk along parts  of the “Stations of the Cross” (Via Dolorosa) and also visit the Western Wall.

Overnight: Jerusalem.


March 12 (SAT)

Our Shabbath morning could be used to complete the visit to the Garden Tomb, and the Garden of Gethsemane. We then head down to the “lowest place on earth” – the Dead Sea! Driving along the scenic road along the western shores of the Dead Sea reach the iconic site of Masada. With the Cable car we will reach its summit and appreciate the wealth of remains attesting to its turbulent history. Pending on time we could also go for a swim at the Dead Sea, or hike at the Nature reserve of Ein-Gedi. We could combine in this day also a visit to the Baptism site, and a stop for a view and review of where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered (Qumran). We will end the day greeting Jerusalem from the stunning Mount of Olives viewpoint.

Overnight: Jerusalem.


March 13 (SUN)

An early checkout will get us up to the Temple Mount where we will stroll among the Muslim shrive and assess the past of this sacred esplanade. We will continue to the City of David where significant remains of biblical Jerusalem have been unearthed, including possible remains of David’s palace. If you wish, we can also walk along the 2700 years-old Hezekiah’s Tunnel and continue along the Herodian drainage channel up to the Southern Wall Archaeological park. If needed, we could complete the visit to the Garden of Gethsemane before heading north for a few days.

Overnight: Hatapuz 13, Migdal.


March 14 (MON)

Waking up at the pastoral village facing the enchanting sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, we will devote today to a tour around the Sea of Galilee: Pending on time and will we could consider a visit to sites like CapernaumMount of Beatitudes, Church of the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fish, church of the Primacy of Peter, Beth Saidah, Magdala, the “Boat of the Galilee” find, and more. We could also combine the day with a private sail on the Sea of Galilee, and a lunch stop in a nice local fish restaurant (“Saint Peter’s Fish anyone?”)

Overnight: Migdal


March 15 (TUE)

A day tour in the lush green region of the Golan Heights will begin with driving up the historical road leading towards Damascus and contemplating on the events Paul encountered on this very same road. From the top of Mount Bental we will have a panoramic view of the Syrian border and discuss the geo-politics of the region. Nearby we can have a 1.5 hours’ ATV tour, followed by a special Druze lunch and hospitality experience. We could also set a visit to a local Chocolate workshop (De Karina) before our return to Migdal.

Overnight: Migdal


March 16 (WED)

Heading towards Tel-Aviv, we will visit a few essential sites in Christian history. At Cana we will visit the “Wedding Church” and review the archaeology related to the site where Jesus turned water into Wine. In the nearby city of Nazareth, we will appreciate sites relating to Jesus’ and the holy family. After a lunch break in one of Nazareth’s great dinning places we will continue to Megiddo. The biblical site offers a wealth of archaeological finds, as well as great vistas of the Jezreel valley, possible future battle site of Armageddon.

Overnight: Hanevi’im 62, Bat-Yam


March 17 (THUR)

Led for the last 3 days by biblical scholar and tour guide, Dr. ilan Abecsis, he will take you on the first day to the region of his home – the Shephela. At  Emmaus you will read the account of Luke of the appearance of Jesus after his resurrection, and review the archaeological discoveries made at the site. In the nearby site of Beth-Shemesh you will review significant new discoveries related to the Ark of the Covenant, as well as its underground water reservoir. You then continue to David and Goliath battle site, and possibly hike to Kh. Qeiyafa an important site with rare and important finds from the time of David. If time and will permits you can also practice your skills of operating a sling with pebbles from the same dry river bed that David used to hit Goliath! 🙂

Overnight: Bat-Yam


March 18 (FRI)

Friday will be devoted to explore Jaffa and Tel-Aviv. You will start with a stroll along the cobbled stone alleys of Jaffa, learning about its long and rich history, including the pivotal event of the vision of Peter. Your guide will then lead you in the nearby Flea Market which gets crowded and fascinating especially on Friday noon. After a lunch break you will drive through the historical parts of Tel-Aviv and on to Caesarea. The former roman-era metropolis offers a perfect combination of rich remains from the classical periods aligned along the Mediterranean coast. You will review major events relating to Christian history that occurred at this site, and possibly hike along the shoreline to the impressive remains of Caesarea’s aqueduct.

Overnight: Bat-Yam.


March 19 (SAT)

Your last tour day will take you back to the Shephela. At Adulam Dr. Abecsis will recite the biblical text about David’s period at the site. At nearby Lachish you will learn about the great drama that took place at the site when Sennacherib attacked, conquered and demolished the Judahic city. After a lunch break, you will continue to Tel Ashkelon, a significant site with remains from Canaanite, Philistine, Roman and Crusaders’ times.  The site also offers fantastic vistas of the Mediterranean coast, as well as a view toward Gaza strip. This can be used to review the current geo-politics of this region before heading back to Bat-Yam.

  • If still required, we will also set PCR tests on that day, before departure.

Overnight: Bat-Yam


March 20 (SUN)

VERY early wake up for departures at 5:15 and 8:00. Farewell!.





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