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Tracing Jesus’ Footsteps from Above

Tracing Jesus’ Footsteps from Above

Embark on a truly extraordinary adventure with a helicopter flight that retraces the sacred footsteps of Jesus through the stunning landscapes of Israel. Your journey begins with a thrilling takeoff from near the vibrant city of Tel-Aviv. As your helicopter ascends into the sky, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas as you glide gracefully above the ancient port city of Jaffa, known for its rich history and picturesque waterfront. Continuing along the coastline, you’ll soar over the historic city of Caesarea, where the remnants of Herod the Great’s grandeur still stand, reminding you of the region’s rich history.

Your aerial pilgrimage then takes you inland, above the plains of Armageddon, a site of great historical and biblical significance. In the distance you will also spot Nazareth, where Jesus spent his early years. Next on your journey is Mount Tabor, often associated with the Transfiguration of Jesus.

Explore Capernaum and Magdala

Touching down near Capernaum, you’ll step onto the hallowed ground where Jesus performed many miracles. An expert guide will lead you on a captivating tour of this ancient town and of the serene Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered his famous Sermon on the Mount. The nearby site of Magdala, with its archaeological treasures, will further enrich your understanding of the New Testament.

As the day unfolds, indulge in a sumptuous lunch featuring local fish, a culinary experience that captures the region’s essence. Your appetite satisfied, you’ll return to the helicopter for the journey back to Tel-Aviv, reflecting on the spiritual and historical significance of the day.

Extend your flight above Jerusalem.

helicopter tour jerusalem 2But the adventure doesn’t have to end there. For those thirsting for more, an optional extension flight will take you over the Jordan Valley, offering stunning views of this historically significant region. You’ll soar over the ancient city of Jericho, the serene Judean Desert Monasteries, and the majestic city of Jerusalem, a place of immense religious and historical importance. Finally, your journey will lead you through the Shephela region, revealing its unique charm and historical treasures.

This helicopter expedition in Jesus’s footsteps promises breathtaking aerial views, lasting memories, and a profound connection to Israel’s holy sites and history.

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    We booked a helicopter tour with Danny in March. Everything perfectly organized from A to Z!! It doesn't get any better! Thanks a lot for this! 100% recommended!

    Albert S,. Germany

    From private tours to meetings with key religious figures in the old city, and helicopter rides – everything was unbelievable! I highly recommend his services, especially if you’re looking for something incredibly special and/or need to impress VIPs.

    C.P., Communications Director | HP Software

    He is definitely NOT JUST ANY TOUR GUIDE. Danny plans, suggests alternatives, continually adjusting destinations according to his clients’ energies and interests… coming up with even more fascinating alternatives… He is ideal for VIP executive tours.

    G.H., Maus Frères VP, Switzerland

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