Israeli High-Tech Private Tour

Introductory Tour of the Israeli High-Tech

Israel is one of the world’s most innovative countries. Its inventions have made major contributions to our everyday lives. Some of the most notable being Waze and Mobileye in the smart mobility sector; Pillcam, NaNose and Rewalk in the medical sector; FireWallICQ and disk-on-keydrip irrigationWatergen which generates water from air, BioBee harmless pest control, cherry tomatoes in the agri-food sector, and more.

In order to understand the underlying scientific, technological, societal and cultural factors that contribute to turning the 70 year old State of Israel into a super innovation hub, we will visit relevant sites such as the Israeli army, higher education institutions, innovation centers, startups, accelerators, and more.

Tour Itinerary

The Israel Startup Nation Innovation Tour, led by Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, an expert in Israel’s innovation ecosystem and authorized tour guide, will share with you her vast knowledge and experience.

The tour can include the following destinations and activities:

  • peres center for peace and innovationA guided tour of the new Israeli Technololy and Innovation Visitors Center at Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.
  • Israel Military Intelligence site, where we will explore the impact of the IDF, in general, and particularly the innovations within the IDF’s Intelligence force.
  • A tour of the Israeli Academic Excellence, Research Center and Tech Transfer at Tel-Aviv University.
  • Visit the Center for Israeli Innovation at Taglit Innovation Center.
  • A tour of the Levinson Visitor’s Center at the Weizman Institute.
  • Optional: Visit an accelerator, start up, MNE, etc.

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    Did you Know?

    With more than 6,000 start-ups and high-tech companies, Israel is only second to the US in number of high-tech companies.

    From private tours to meetings with key religious figures in the old city, and helicopter rides – everything was unbelievable! I highly recommend his services, especially if you’re looking for something incredibly special and/or need to impress VIPs.

    C.P., Communications Director | HP Software

    He is definitely NOT JUST ANY TOUR GUIDE. Danny plans, suggests alternatives, continually adjusting destinations according to his clients’ energies and interests… coming up with even more fascinating alternatives… He is ideal for VIP executive tours.

    G.H., Maus Frères VP, Switzerland

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