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Henson Bar-Mitzvah Tour Plan, September 2022

Sept 28 (WED)

  • 16:55 arrival. WELCOME TO ISRAEL!
  • Baggage collecting heading to Tiberias.
  • Festive dinner experience in Tiberias.

Overnight: Tiberias


Sept 29 (THUR)

Overnight: Tiberias


Sept 30 (FRI)

  • Early morning Kayaking experience in the estuary of the Jordan River (pending on water level).
  • Drive up to Safed and learn about the significant Jewish kabbalah center.
  • Visit some of the old city’s picturesque synagogues. Stoll in the city’s main alley and appreciate the Judaica art galleries.
  • Cross the lower galilee and tour Sepphoris, former important Rabbinical center. See some of the ancient city’s famous mosaic floors. Visit its Byzantine period synagogue, whose special decorations puzzle archaeologists to this day.
  • Drive to Jerusalem and greet it a “Sheheyanu” from Mount of Olives.
  • Evening: optional self-walk to the Western Wall to see Friday evening prayers.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Oct 1 (SAT)

  • Drive to the Judean low hills countryside (the Shephela) for a day of various exciting activities.
  • Visit Latrun and learn about the 1948 battles in the region.
  • Drive along the 1948 “Burma Road” bypassing Jordanian army posts, and join a tour at the new Sha’ar Hagai visitors center.
  • Continue to Beth-Shemesh and see finds related to Samson, the Ark of the Covenant, and the battle of David and Goliath.
  • Descend into Maresha‘s underground city and explore its fascinating subterranean complexes.
  • After a lunch break join a tour to discover the 1948 secret bullet factory near Rechovot.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Oct 2 (SUN)

Overnight: Jerusalem


Oct 3 (MON)

  • Head down to the Dead Sea region with an optional short camel ride at the Sea Level sign.
  • Drive by the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were uncovered (Qumran).
  • Ascend to the top of Masada, learn on its special dramatic history and appreciate its rich remains.
  • Go for a 2 hours “wet and wild” hike in Ein-gedi’s nature reserve.
  • Check in to the hotel and possibly go for a swim at the Dead Sea.

Overnight: Dead Sea


Oct 4 (TUE)

  • Special rappelling experience down the flower cave.
  • Off-Road tour through Nahal Sodom.
  • Lunch stop in Beer-Sheva followed by visit to of Ben-Gurion’s desert hut in Sde Boker.
  • Appreciate the stunning view of the Ramon Crater from its northern edge. Optional visit to its visitor center.
  • After dinner: Stargazing activity in the Ramon Crater.

Overnight: Ramon Crater.


Oct 5 (WED, Eve Yom Kippur)

  • Morning hike in the Ramon Crater (Parsat Nekarot).
  • Drive close to the border with Gaza. Learn of the geo-politics of the region, and see the rockets display at Sderot.
  • Reach Tel-Aviv by 15:00 for checking in and setting for Yom Kippur.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv


Oct 6 (THUR, Yom Kippur)

  • Day off in Tel-Aviv. Explore your area and enjoy the beach.
  • Evening stroll along Rothschild boulevard or Dizengoff street.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv


Oct 7 (FRI)

Overnight: Tel-Aviv


Oct 8 (SAT)

  • Tour of Caesarea, combined with a speed boat ride and/or snorkeling in the sunken harbor.
  • A high-end F16 flight simulator (“The Squadron“)
  • Transfer to the Airport – 18:35 Departure. Farewell!

Let me say to you and you may use this as a sincere testimonial: You Danny the Digger are an outstanding guide, educator, archeologist and political pundit providing exciting and most intelligent information to the visitor on events of the past, their impact on the Jewish world and our concerns with the future. I have been to Israel 100+ times but notwithstanding, one always learns particularly from people like you.

Tom H., CJA Chairman, Canada

I recommend his services wholeheartedly for the synagogue group I will be leading this coming October/November. While his certification is currently specific to archaeology, my experience is that he will be fully able to handle the range of explanations that our group will need, in order to have a meaningful tour.

Rabbi Michael P., USA

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