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Kusminsky Bar-Mitzvah Tour Plan, June 2022

June 18 (SAT)

Boker Tov! After adjusting to Israel’s time-zone, we are finally ready to start the tour! We will begin the day with blessing Jerusalem from the top of Mount of Olives a “Shehechaynu”! After an introduction of the city we stroll down the mountain and pass the Kidron valley to enter Jerusalem’s old city. We will visit the famous Western Wall, and continue into the Jewish Quarter and Mount Zion Attractions.

For lunch we will go to the Ottoman-era railway station (“The First station“) and then continue to the Israel Museum and review its highlights – the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Jerusalem 1st century model, and more.

Overnight: Jerusalem


June 19 (SUN)

Eager to discover “Where it all began”, this morning is devoted to the City of David will includes highlights like David’s palaceWarren’s Shaft, a hike through an ancient water tunnel to the Pool of Siloam, and up the Herodian drainage tunnel to the Southern Wall Archaeological park. For lunch we could go to the Mahane Yudah Market, followed by a stroll through the market and through the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea-Shearim.

Overnight: Jerusalem


June 20 (MON)

Continuing to explore Jerusalem’s Old city we will enter at Jaffa gate and tour the highlights of the Christian Quarter. Reaching the plaza of the Western Wall, we could join the Western Wall Tunnels tour, the virtual model of the Temple, and ‘Chain of Generations’ tours.

After a lunch break in the scenic village of Ein Karem, we will head to the National Holocaust memorial (“Yad Vashem“) and have a guided tour of the site and its monuments.

Overnight: Jerusalem


June 21 (TUE)

A day touring the region of the Dead will start by descending into the Judean Desert, with an optional stop for a camel ride at the Sea level sign. Reaching Masada by cable car we will explore its famous remains, followed by a floating experience at the Dead Sea. If time permits, we could also hike in Ein-Gedi’s nature reserve, and stop next to the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, next to Qumran.

Overnight: Jerusalem


June 22 (WED)

Checking out of our hotel in Jerusalem we head to the north for a few days. On our way we will tour the rich remains of the Roman-era metropolis of Caesarea. We could also ascend to the Carmel mountains and track the site where Elijah confronted the Ba’al prophets, and shop and eat in the colorful Druze market.

Upon reaching the Sea of Galilee we will visit the site of Magdala, where recent research uncovered a rare first century CE synagogue!

Overnight: North


June 23 (THUR)

Our day of touring the Golan Heights will include highlights like making a Shofar at a Shofar workshop, an ATV tour along the Syrian border, climbing to the top of Mount Bental, and an optional  fun workshop at De-Karina Chocolatier!

Overnight: North


June 24 (FRI)

In the morning we ascend to the famed mystic city of Safed. Strolling in the old city’s alleys we learn about Jewish Kabbalah, the important works of Rabbi Yosef Karo, and the artististic charatcter of the city today.

After a lunch break we drive to Jordan river, and join a fun Kayaking experience on the Jordan River!

Shabbath Shalom!

Overnight: North


June 25 (SAT)

sepphoris-synagogue-bar-mitzvahToday is the big Day! in the morning we conduct a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony at the ancient synagogue of Sepphoris, followed by a brunch at the site, and a tour  of the ancient city.

Upon returning to the hotel we could set a sail on the Sea of Galilee, tour more sites around the lake, or go for a swim.

Overnight: North


June 26 (SUN)

Checking out we drive across the Galilee, and Israel’s border with Lebanon where we descend into the Rosh Hanikra grottoes. We then drive to Akko and review its highlights. In Haifa and admire the famed Bahai Gardens, and then head to Tel-Aviv.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv


June 27 (MON)

Our adventure day in Tel-Aviv will start with a stroll through the picturesque alleys of Old Jaffa, and on to the colorful flea market. Next we will head to Tel-Aviv and after a lunch break visit the “Independence Hall“, the very place where, against all odds, the State of Israel was established!

Overnight: Tel-Aviv


June 28 (TUE)

Eager to better understand Israel’s current geo-politics, today we drive along the coast to its southern end and visit sites around Gaza strip. At Yad-Mordechai we will learn about the 1948 battles of the Kibbutz members against the Egyptian army. At nearby Sderot we will witness how Israelis today live under Hamas rocket threats. We could also tour Ashkelon’s national park, and combine it with a swim at the Mediterranean.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv


June 29 (WED)

A day tour of the Shephela that will include highlights like David and Goliath’s bettle site, crawling in Bar-Kokhva caves, exploring biblical sites like Lachish, joining a tour of the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory, and more.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv


June 30 (THUR)

Departure. FAREWELL!






































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