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Meyerson Bar-Mitzvah Trip, Dec. 2021

Dec 23, THUR

WELCOME TO ISRAEL!. Meeting in Tel-Aviv, we head to the north for a few days, with a major stop at Caesarea, touring the Roman vast remains, and appreciating the sea views. Pending on time and will, we could also visit the ancient city of Sepphoris, where the Jewish Mishna was compiled.

Overight: Safed

Dec 24, FRI

Our day of touring the Golan Heights will include highlights like Mount Bental, a tour along the Syrian border, Lunch in a Druze village, and an optional ATV tour and a fun workshop at De-Karina Chocolatiare!

Overnight: Safed

Dec 25, SAT

Focusing on the Sea of Galilee, we will sail across the lake, appreicate the Jewish History of MagdalaCapernaum, and Tiberias. We could also combine it with a hike to GamlaSussita, or down the cliffs of Arbel.

Overnight: Safed

Dec 26, SUN

Heading towards Jerusalem, we will visit a Shofar workshop, drive through the scenic Jordan valley, visiting the ancient synagogue of Hamath Tiberias on the way, and the fantastic ruins of Beth-Shean.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Dec 27, MON

Our first day in Jerusalem will start with greeting it from Mount of Olives, (where we can also set a camel ride!),  and then hiking down to the Kidron valley and into the city. We will explore the Highlights of the Jewish Quarter, local market (suq) and of course visit the plaza facing the Western Wall. We could also combine it with the virtual model of the Temple, and ‘Chain of Generations’.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Dec 28, TUE

A day devoted to the City of David will includes highlights like David’s palaceWarren’s Shaft, a hike through an ancient water tunnel to the Pool of Siloam, and up the Herodian drainage tunnel to the Southern Wall Archaeological park. For lunch we could go to the Mahane Yudah Market, followed by a stroll through the market and through the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea-Shearim.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Dec 29, WED

A day tour of the Shephela that will include highlights like David and Goliath’s bettle site, crawling in Bar-Kokhva caves, exploring biblical sites like Lachish, joining a tour of the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory, and more.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Dec 30, THUR

This is the big day! in the morning we will have a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony, and later head for a nice brunch. In the afternoon we could have an ATV tour in Gush Ezion, and possibly combine it with some live shooting in an anti terror facility nearby. Alternatively we could have a guided tour of Yad Vashem, and visit Ein-Karem.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Dec 31, FRI

A day tour of the Dead Sea will include a visit to the famous site of Masada, the oasis of Ein-Gedi, the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran), and of course – a swim at the Dead Sea.

Overnight: Mizpe Ramon

Jan 1, SAT

A day tour of Mizpe Ramon will include a hike in the crater (Parsat Nekarot), a visit to the ‘carpentry‘, and possibly an ATV tour as well. We could also include a hospitality experience in a Bedouin village, and a camel ride.

Overnight: Mizpe Ramon

Jan 2, SUN

Heading Towards Tel-Aviv, we will drive next to the border with Gaza and learn about the ge0-politics of the region. We could also combine the day with a guided tour of the Israeli Air-Force museum. In the evening we will have a festive dinner marking the end of the tour.

Overnight: ?

Jan 3, MON

Optional Tour of Jaffa and the local markets of Tel-Aviv, before heading to the airport. FAREWELL!

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