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Private Tour of Nova, Sderot and Gaza Envelope

Gaza Envelope and Nova Festival Site Private Tour

On the morning of October 7th, 2023, Hamas launched the worst terror attack in the history of the state of Israel. It targeted several towns and farms in Gaza Envelope, killing about 1200 and kidnapping about 250 Israelis. This tour will review some of the sites and offer an opportunity to volunteer in preparing food for the soldiers.

Tour Sderot

As you head to Sderot, your guide will brief you on the region’s geopolitics. They will also review the events on October 7th at Ashkelon, Zikim Beach, and Netiv HaAsara. At Sderot, you will have a view of Gaza from Kobi Hill, followed by a drive through the city. Targeted by Hamas rockets since 2001, you will be shown the special measures taken by the state to protect the citizens of Sderot. Every house, school, and bus stop has cemented bomb shelters. Even the playgrounds have unique protective installations.  At certain locations, you will see a creative reuse of the rockets by Sderot’s residents.

Reach Nova Music Festival Site and Memorial

Set in Re’im forest, the Nova Music festival was set for the night of October 6th to celebrate life and music and had about 3500 attendees. On the following morning, Hamas terrorists attacked the party site, killing 364 and kidnapping 45. As of February 2024, the site bears several moving memorials. And while the site is quiet and sad, the IDF shelling in Gaza, just a few miles away, can be heard. Along the road, your guide will also present some of the sheltered rooms at bus stations where some of the participants hid, yet the Hamas killed most of them with hand grenades.

See the Burnt Cars and Support the Soldiers

In the nearby town of Netivot, your guide will take you to the site where many of the cars hit in the terrorist attack are kept. The Tour can also include volunteering at the “Shuva Ahim” or the “A-Team” site near Gilat Junction. A devoted team of citizens operates a free rest station for the soldiers at both sites. They provide meals, some even showers, and laundry service for army units on their brief breaks from combat. Here, you will be able to meet the soldiers and show your support in Israel’s fight for its security.

Visit Rachel’s house in Ofakim

Time permitting, the tour can also include visiting Rachel’s house in Ofakim. Here, five terrorists held an elderly couple as hostages. However, Rachel, the wife, who knew Arabic, calmed the terrorists and even fed them. She also managed to indicate to the police how many terrorists were holding them. After 17 nerve-racking hours, the police broke in, killing the terrorists and freeing Rachel and David.

Email or contact us to inquire more about a tour to Nova Music Festival and Sderot:

    Thank you for being our guide today. It was a memorable tour for the two of us. Even a coarse man like me was moved to tears a few times.

    Boris L., USA

    Thanks so much! I had an incredible experience and learned a lot from the tour.

    Gabe I., USA

    It was amazing Danny. It will stay with me forever.

    Peters M., USA

    There are no words to describe what we saw and heard. Being on your tour made it that more meaningful and special.

    Stephen B., USA

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