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Stuart Tour Plan, April 2022

April 8 (FRI)

Arrival, Welcome to Israel!. Transfer to the hotel in Tel-Aviv.

Overnight: Airbnb in Tel-Aviv

April 9 (SAT)

Heading out of Tel-Aviv, we drive towards Jerusalem, yet join parts of the 1948 ‘Burma Road‘, and visit the new visitor center at Sha’ar Hagai.  Upon reaching Jerusalem we check in, get something to eat, and then drive to Herodium, learning about the great mystery of Herod’s lost tomb.

Overnight: Jerusalem (King David)

April 10, SUN

After breakfast we check out and head into the Judean Desert. At Wadi Qelt we stop for a view and review of Saint George monastery, as well as a view of the Jericho valley from Herodian Cypros. We could also visit the balm of the Gilad farm, learning about reintroducing the perfumes industry in this region. Upon reaching Ein-Gedi we will stroll through the botanical gardens of the Kibbutz. After a kibbutz lunch experience, we will head for a hike in Ein-Gedi nature reserve and visit Ein-Gedi’s ancient synagogue.

Overnight: Kibbutz Ein-Gedi

April 11, MON

Being close to Masada, we will visit the site before the heat and the crowds, and learn about the known and less known discoveries made at the site. At the end of the tour it will also be possible to hike down the snake path back to the car. We then head to the border crossing by Eilat, and drive into Wadi Rum for the night.

Overnight: Bedouin Tents hospitality or the Martian tents.

April 12, TUE

Waking up in this magical site, we head for an off-road or ATV tour through the park, and possible combine it with a hike. He than head towards Petra, visiting on the way the remains of the Roman legion camp in Udruch, the Crusaders’ castle of Shobak, and ‘little Petra‘.

Overnight: Movenpick Hotel, Wadi Musa

April 13, WED

An early morning tour or Petra, ahead of the crowds and the heat will bring us to the Khazane and the city center. We could then hike to the ‘Royal Tombs’, the ‘High place‘ or the ‘Monastery‘ before heading back to the border. Returning to Israel, we drive to the Ramon Crater for the night.

Overnight: Berehseet spa hotel, Mizpe Ramon

April 14, THUR

After appreciating the crater’s view during breakfast we head into Ramon crater for a hike around Khan Sharaonim. We could also set an ATV or an off-road tour in the crater. After Dinner we will return to the Crater and join a stargazing session.

Overnight: Berehseet spa hotel, Mizpe Ramon

April 15, FRI (Seder Night)

Heading back to Tel-Aviv, we could stop for a tour at the Israeli Air-force museum, or visit Abraham’s well and Tel-Sheva. Upon reaching Tel-Aviv you will check-in and prepare for the Seder night. Happy Pesach!

Overnight: Airbnb in Tel-Aviv

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