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Day 1: departing from Haifa after a quick of the Bahaian Terraced Gardens we head up to Nazareth to visit the church of annunciation and walk along the local market to S. Gabriel church which is near Mary’s Well. Next we drive down to the Jezreel valley and visit Biblical site of Megiddo, associated with apocalypticla Armegaddon. After a falafel lunch break we continue to Caesarea and explore its ancient spledors, and towards sundown we head to Jerusalem for over night stay, and possibly join the new night show at the Tower of David museum.


Day 2: And early start gets us up to the Temple Mount before the crowds, from which we continue into the Via Dolorosa which ends at the Holy Sepulchre. After a lunch + possible shopping break in the local market we head into the Jewish Quarter and visit the Western wall.  Reaching the van, e haed for a concluding panoramic view of Jerusalem from the top of Mt. of Olives before heading towards the port of Ashdod.


Cost: $1200