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Post Tour Quiz

but how can you tell if you kid lerant anything from the tour??

There is only one way to find out – take the “Danny the digger” style exam!!!…

Very tough exam…



Go! –



1. What was the main metal used in the Bronze age?



  1. How many rooms are usually found in the Biblical Four room house?
  2. What is the color of the white mosque in Ramle?



  1. In which region is the Sea of Galilee?
  2. Next to which sea were the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered?
  3. Where can one see many examples of the Oak of Tabor?
  4. What kind of trees are common on mount of Olives?
  5. Where is the monastery of the Carmelites?
  6. What is the destination of the road exiting the old city of Jerusalem at Jaffa gate, and passing through Jaffa street?



1. How long was the Six days war?



  1. After who is Caesarea named?
  2. After who is the City of David named?
  3. Which Tribe settled in Tel Dan?
  4. Who was the head of the Bar-Kokhba revolt?



So?, Did you score well?

Hope you enjoyed this too J

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