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Unique High-Tech Day Tour

A special single day tour led by Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, a bio-entrepreneur in EU research projects in the fields of the biomedical, agricultural and environmental industries.

Har Hotzvim Hitech ParkThe tour will start with a private visit at a biotech/pharmaceutical company, at Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park, where we will be introduced to the various companies and products made at this center.

Hebrew U logoWe will continue to the prestigious Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences of the Hebrew University, to hear about the frontiers of brain research

weizman instituteAfter a lunch break at the colorful Mahane Yehudah Market   we will drive to the Weizmann Institute  and explore its cutting-edge science and conclude at the house of Israel’s first president and scientist Dr. Haim Weizmann wikipedia s, who attended the inauguration of the Hebrew University in 1925 and who was deeply involved in building of the State-of Israel.

wiesenthal racheliOn the way we will visit “Simon Wiesenthal path” created in memory of Simon Wiesenthal wikipedia s and his struggle to bring Nazi criminals to justice.

The tour leader, Dr. Kreisberg, will share some personal memories of this extraordinary person and his leagcy, who is also her grandfather.