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Herodium and Herod’s Funeral Exhibition

most photos are (C) Israel Museum.

For more then 40 years the late prof. Netzer was looking for the loast tomb of King Herod.

In 2007 his dream came true.

He disocvered the royal tomb on the NE slopes of the acropolis of Herodium.  

I participated in the expsoure of one of its corners.

Tragically Netzer died 3 years later from a fall, just a few meters from the tomb he discovered.

A special exhibition was recently opened at the Israel Museum, devoted to the funeral of King Herod, and in memory of Prof. Netzer.

Curatots are Dudi Mevorach and Dr. Sylvia Rosenberg.

It will run untill January 2014.

I invite you to a personal tour of the site of Herodium   and/or along the special exhibition.


Excerpt of National Geographic Exclusive program on Herod’s Tomb Discovery




By car from Jerusalem: USD $550

By car from Tel-Aviv: USD $600

By car from Ashdod: USD $650

By Car from Haifa: USD $750

* Extra USD $150 for guiding on Saturday and Holidays.

* This daily cost covers guiding + transportation (for up to 6 passangers) + water + wifi in the car.  It does not cover entrance fees (where required), meals, and any other personal expenses.



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