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My very first participation in a TV production was back in 2002, when I was asked to present possible evidence of the Biblical Giants. I honestly never thought I would be presenting local history and archaeology to so many media productions over the years, and I feel overwelmed each time I get another request.

So far I appeared for the Internet and TV productions for producers like “The Watchman” Erick Stakelbeck, “Expedition Unknown” with Josh Gates for “Discovery Channel”, Travel Channel, “”; “” “Bible VR” app, Crossfit, “” Israeli TV Channel 2 and channel 10The Naked Archaeologist“, “Down Days“, PBS America,”Smithsonian Channel“.

I have also produced several short videos by myself. They can be seen HERE.

Below is the complete index (I think..) of the videos I did so far.  If you are reaching this page on behalf of a TV production don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to be at your service!

I’d like to give my recommendation to work with Danny “the Digger” Herman. He has a vast knowledge of Israeli archaeology and history, as well as a firm grasp of the things that are important to both Christians and Jews. In addition, Danny presents himself on camera not only as a knowledgable expert, but an engaging and likeable character with a personality all his own.

Kipp Adler, Director, TBN

Interviewed on TBN on the COVID-19 virus also terminating tourism in Israel (April 2020)

Presenting various sites on “The Watchman” with Erick Stakelback

Various Other Video Clips

A Series about “Chasing David” with Renee Schlepper, 2019.

I appeared in the following chapters:

Ellah Valley and the Battle of David and Goliath

King David’s Palace?


Appearing on “Expedition Unknown” with Josh Gates, 2019

  • Only this trailer is available online.. :

Mysteries of Jesus | Expedition Unknown

Is what we've been told about Jesus' birth wrong? Tonight on Expedition Unknown, Joshua Gates searches for the truth and makes a surprising discovery.

Posted by Discovery on Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Presenting the Birth Place of Jesus, 360!, 2016

(play it directly from youtube, on your mobile device, to see the magic!)

Watch here an article reviewing this series on “Daily Mail”! –

Appearing on the “Smithsonian Channel” in a program dealing with the mysterious Copper Scroll, 2016

See here two short previews –

Six years before, I also appeared in another production dealing with the Copper Scroll. See a preview here –

Presenting Jerusalem to “Down Days Three Surfers”, 2015

Appearing on “The Naked Archaeologist”, S3E11 – “Queen Esther and Purim”, 2010

Appearing in production about the Copper Scroll with Michael Arbuthnot, for “PBS AMERICA”, 2009

travel channel

A good laugh – The lousiest video narrator ever!…

Participating in a Production about the Biblical Giants, 2002?

A more recent presentation of the same site..