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When it all began..

It all started when I was in my second year of archaeological studies, 1993.

It was an overseas call.

He said he was head of choir from Lee University in Tennessee. They are coming to Israel and he got my name, and asked if I could guide them.

I had some knowledge, but no experience. Yet I  was honored by the invitation, and was passionate to guide and present the sites they requested to the best of my knowledge and ability.

The tour went very well – and was very exciting!. I’ll never forget their singing in front of the Golgotha at the Chruch of the Holy Sepulchre. People cried.

To this day I don’t how they reached me. No web sites and emails back then. How on earth did someone in Tennessee know I was learning archaeology?, and that I could be a his guide??.

That experience gave me the passion to guide, and twenty years later, I am proud to say I guide for the top league – Hebrew University, Intel Israel, HP Israel, HSBC Israel, many other high tech companies, as well as many private orders, including VIP tours.

I also lecture at the Hebrew University, the Interdisciplinary center in Herzlyia, and Israel School of Tourism (see full reseume here).

And I love my job!.

I just hope to keep doing this job as long as I can, and deliver at every tour the knowledge and passion I have for my country, the Holy Land, the Land of Israel!.