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Why Hire a Guide?

Jerusalem private tour“Time is Money” becomes especially relevant when traveling. The cost of flights, accommodation and meals make any travel experience costly, and so it is important to maximize your time.

And nothing is better than a local private guide!

Here are a few reasons to prefer having a private tour guide – 

– With a local private guide you don’t deal with renting transportation, driving, fueling, parking, and the risk of an accident.

– With a local private guide you maximize your time, as he will recommend the best tour plan to reach all the sites you want, and reach them at opening hours.

– With a local private guide the program is flexible,  both in the planning stage as well as during the tour.

– With a local private guide you get detailed explanations, in fluent English, often with relevent quotes from the scriptures, as well as maps, charts, images, etc.

– With a local private guide you get to know a local of the country, as well as his circle of family, friends, and colleagues.

– Unfortunately Israel is still a land of conflict, yet with a local private guide you avoid area of risk, and travel only in a safe and secured zone.

 – Unfortunately like in just about every country there are tourists targeted scams (see a nice presentation at “”). With OUR local private guide there is complete transparency in the service, and an attempt to avoid any sort of tourist traps.

The cons is that like any service, it comes with a cost.. We charge $650 per day for a guided tour + transportation, and price can be higher, pending on mileage. You also have to cover the guide’s meals, and if staying overnight in the north or the south you also have to cover the cost of the guide’s hotel room.

Interested to hear more, or inquire about a private tour?

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