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Wright Tour Plan, October 2017

Oct 20 (FRI)

15:05 Arrival, WELCOME TO ISRAEL! You head to Tel-Aviv and check in.


O/N: Rothschild Hotel, Tel-Aviv

Oct 21 (SAT)

Our first day of touring will be devoted to exploring major sites in the Shfeleah , namely  Tel Gezer Tel Lachish , as well as sites related to the David vs. Goliath Battle: Azekah Tel Tsafit / Biblical Gath , and Khirbet Qeiyafa .

O/N: Rothschild Hotel, Tel-Aviv

Oct 22 (SUN)

This day will be devoted to the Southern Biblical frontier, by visiting Tel Arad  and Tel Be’er Sheva . We will also try to reach Tell Beit-Mirsim and Tel Hesi.

O/N: Saint George Pilgrim Guest House, Jerusalem

Oct 23 (MON)

Our first day in Jerusalem will be devoted to the main museums related to the Old Testmanet, namely the Israel Museum  and the Rockefeller Museum , and perhaps also the intriguing site of Ramat Rachel archaeologiclal site .


O/N: Saint George Pilgrim Guest House, Jerusalem

Oct 24 (TUES)

Our second day in Jerusalem this day is all focused on Historical Jerusalem.

We will start with the main sites at the City of David  and explore some of the sites related to the Old Testament in the Old City (Broad Wall  Ariel Center , and more).

O/N: Saint George Pilgrim Guest House, Jerusalem

Oct 25 (WED)

Checking out of Jerusalem, we head north, pass by Jericho , and explore ancient Beit She’an  and the significant site of  Tel Hazor .

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim Spa Resort.

Oct 26 (THUR)

Our last day will be devoted to major Biblical sites in the north Tel Dan  and Megiddo .

We then start heading to the airport, with one more stop at Izbet Sarta  to read and review the battle documented in I Samuel 4.

By 18:00 we head to the Airport for a midnight Departure. Fairwell!