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“Ziklag” was was Biblical town within the kingdom of Achish , the Philistine king of Gath, who gave it to David, when he was seeking asylum from Saul (I Samuel 17). From Ziklag David raided on neighbouring villages, as well as the Amalekites, and at Ziklag David Lamented upon hearing the death of Saul. 

Various shcolars have suggested to locate Ziklag at different location, yet only recently an archaeological expedition excavating at Khirbet e-Ra’i, a site that is 10 km south of Biblical Gath,  yielded finds dating to both Philistine and Early Israelite times. Combined with the Battle site of David and Goliath  , the site is a great place to review the events that led to the Kingship od the David and the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the United Monarchy in Biblical times. 


Ziklag ( Hebrew: צִקְלַג) is the biblical name of a town that was located in the Negev region in the south-west of what was the Kingdom of Judah. It was a provincial town within the Philistine kingdom of Gath when Achish was king. Its exact location has not been identified with any certainty.

 Points of Interest in the Area

  Khirbet Qeiyafa
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Ziklag / Khirbet e-Ra’i is in the Shfelah, and takes about 1 hour to explore. 

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