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Ziv Cohen

With more then 20 years of experience, Ziv Cohen has vast knowledge in the fields of Israel’s history, archeology and religion – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He is also proficient in current geopolitical situation.

A former commander in the IDF (1987-1991), Ziv also earned a B.A. in Geography, and is now comleting for an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies.

Over the years Ziv guided countless groups and individuals, including VIP, TV crews, Media producations, and official guests of the state of Israel.

Ziv is Married with 4 kids, and lives in Mazkeret Batya.

Zvi Cohen guiding PM of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe.

Photo (C)  Tamar Novominsky

Ziv Cohen guiding the President of Colombia

Ziv Cohen Guiding the President of Zambia.

Photo (C) Avi Dodi

 Ziv and the Israeli Minister of Tourism