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Paul Zucker Tour plan, December 2017

Dec 2 (SAT)

10:15: AC 084 – Arrival: WELCOME TO ISRAEL! Upon arrival we head to Jerusalem. Pending on time of arrival we could include the famous Mount of Olives Viewpoint , and/or a visit to the National Holocaust Musuem (“Yad Vashem”  ) and/or the City of David  .

Cost (Guide + transportation): $750

O/N: King David Hotel, Jerusalem


Dec 3 (SUN)

Most of the day wil be devoted to exploring the old city of Jeruaslem. We start with a visit to the famous holy Christian site – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  .

We continue sampling some of the stations of the Via Dolorosa  in the Christian Quarter , and then head into the Jewish Quarter  and ultimately reach the Western wall  .

At the end of the day we drive down to the Dead Sea for the night. 

Cost (Guide + transportation): $750

O/N: Herods Hotel, Dead Sea


Dec 4 (MON)

The morning will be devoted to the fantastic and trajic site of Masada  

We then return to the hotel for a swim, and at the end of the day drive down to Eilat .

Cost (Guide + transportation): $750

O/N: Royal Beach hotel, Eilat


Dec 5 (TUE)

Early in the morning we cross the border into Jordan for luxury private tour of Petra . Pending on time and will we can also ride on off-road trucks in Wadi Rum .

Upon return to Israel we have a 2.5 hours drive to Mitzpe Ramon 

Cost (Guide + transportation): $750

Cost of tour in Jordan: $1240 ($1380 if I join you)

O/N: Beresheet, Mizpe Ramon


Dec 6 (WED)

Helicopter Flight  to the Golan Heights  ($6000) and a tour of the Golan with local expert guide Ilan Schulman ($600).

The tour will focus on local current geo-politics of the region and could include wine tasting in a local winery.

Cost (Guide + transportation): $750

O/N: Mizpe Hayamim spa Hotel


Dec 7 (THUR) 

Galilee is so known for its beauty, and religious history. We start with a visit to Capernaum , “the hometwon of Jesus” where we lear about the cradle of Christianity and Rabbinical Judaism. Next we drive to Magdala  and review its latest finds.

We then head to Nazareth for lunch and an optional visit to the “Church of Annunciation “, and end the day at Caesarea  , Roman era metropolis.

Cost (Guide + transportation): $750

O/N: The Norman, Tel-Aviv


Dec 8 (FRI)

Our last two days will be devoted to touring Tel-Aviv. We will start with a review of old Jaffa  and its port, and continue into the local Flea Market  .

For lunch we will go to the food market in Sarona .

After lunch we could go to Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair  

Cost (Guide + transportation): $750

O/N: The Norman, Tel Aviv


Dec 9 (SAT)


11:55 – Departure: FAIRWELL!