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Evan Brotman

evan brotmanEvan is an Israel licensed tour guide, educator, lecturer and art historian.
While American born, Evan came to Israel in his teens to finish his high school education. He has since has lived most of his adult life in Europe; Sweden, Italy and a brief period in France. A true polyglot!
In 2015, Evan finally fulfilled a lifelong dream by returning to Israel to become an authorized tour guide in English, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian.
With his vast knowledge combined with his social skills, he will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

..We want to thank you for all the TLC , but even more for sharing your wealth of knowledge, your love of Israel and its people.
You are by far, the best tour guide I have ever had!
Martha and abbv

Sitter och ler när jag tittar på alla bilder från vår resa som var otroligt lyckad, mycket tack vare dig.


Hi, Evan, .. In our family reunion on New Year’s Eve, we gladly told my siblings that our Travel Director — that’s you! — was off the charts !!!  We told them of how very knowledgeable you are, and how with oh-so-eloquent verve made each sight, site and stop come alive.  Such was your impact on us that we have become your advocates this side of the globe! 
Evelyn O. Bonilla
Thanks a million to our new friend Evan, for making this trip so memorable! ..this has been a journey through history, a pilgrimage to the holy sites. (What) an experience!!! 💝
Dimitri H.

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