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Jewish Heritage Tours to Israel

Israel may seem small on the map, but it clustered with so many sites of interest. It is a Holy Land for three major religions, and the land of the Bible. It is also the land that witnessed the amazing Jewish revival and the formation of the state of Israel. For a Jew, a Jewish Heritage tour to Israel, is far more than another tour encounter. It is an insightful and moving experience, to be remembered for the rest of your life!

Jewish Heritage Tours to Israel with the Best!

We offer a series of in-depth Jewish Heritage tours to Israel. These tours reflect the land’s rich history, and its special Jewish modern character. The tours are all led by local expert tour guides, taking pride of our Jewish and Israeli identity. Some of us are religious, some of us are secular. Some are Jerusalamites, some are from a kibbutz. Together, we will unfold the land of Israel for you, forming an unforgettable tour experience!

See below our multi-day tour proposals. Note that all tours can be customized to your specific schedule, interests and wishes. Contact us if you wish to inquire more about your own Jewish Heritage tour to Israel.